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Regulatory Issue Summaries - 2001

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Document Number Date Title
RIS 01-007
Rev. 1
1/8/2009 10 CFR 50.75 Reporting and Recordkeeping For Decommissioning Planning – Revision 1
RIS 01-025 12/7/2001 NEI 99-02, Revision 2, Voluntary Submission of Performance Indicator Data
RIS 01-024 12/6/2001 Status of Receipt of NRC Mail Following the Closing of the Brentwood Postal Facility
RIS 01-023 12/3/2001 Resetting Fault Exposure Hours for Safety System Unavailability Performance Indicators
RIS 01-022 11/20/2001 Attributes of a Proposed No Significant Hazards Consideration Determination
RIS 01-021 11/16/2001 Licensing Action Estimates for Operating Reactors
RIS 01-020 11/14/2001 Revisions to Staff Guidance for Implementing NRC Policy on Notices of Enforcement Discretion
RIS 01-019 10/18/2001 Deficiencies in the Documentation of Design Basis Radiological Analyses Submitted in Conjunction with License Amendment Requests
RIS 01-018 08/22/2001 Requirements for Oath or Affirmation
RIS 01-017 08/22/2001 Preparation and Scheduling of Operator Licensing Examinations
RIS 01-016 08/01/2001 Update of Evacuation Time Estimates
RIS 01-015 08/01/2001 Performance of DC-Powered Motor-Operated Valve Actuators
RIS 01-014 07/19/2001 Position on Reportability Requirements for Reactor Core Isolation Cooling System Failure
RIS 01-013 07/20/2001 10 CFR Part 40 Exemptions For Uranium Contained in Aircraft Counterweights
RIS 01-012 05/18/2001 Nonconservatism in Pressurized Water Reactor Spent Fuel Storage Pool Reactivity Equivalencing Calculations
RIS 01-011 05/11/2001 Voluntary Submission of Performance Indicator Data
RIS 01-010 04/02/2001 Revisions to Staff Guidance on Notices of Enforcement Discretion
RIS 01-009 04/02/2001 Control of Hazard Barriers
RIS 01-008 04/02/2001 Operating Reactor Licensing Action Estimates
RIS 01-007 02/23/2001 10 CFR 50.75(f)(1) Reports on the Status of Decommissioning Funds (Due March 31, 2001)
RIS 01-006 02/15/2001 Criteria for Triggering a Review under 10 CFR 50.80 for Non-owner Operator Service Companies
RIS 01-005 01/25/2001 Guidance on Submitting Documents to the NRC by Electronic Information Exchange or on CD-ROM
RIS 01-004 01/24/2001 Issuance of Updated Guidance on The Transfer of Ownership or Control of Licensed Activities (NUREG-1556, Volume 15)
RIS 01-003 01/23/2001 Changes, Tests, and Experiments
RIS 01-002 01/18/2001 Guidance on Risk-Informed Decisionmaking in License Amendment Reviews
RIS 01-001 01/18/2001 Eligibility of Operator License Applicants

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