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Regulatory Issue Summaries - 2000

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File Name Date Title
RIS 00-011s1 03/22/2001 NRC Emergency Telecommunications System – Supplement 1
RIS 00-001 02/01/2000 Changes Concerning Foreign Ownership, Control, or Domination of Nuclear Reactor Licensees
RIS 00-002 02/15/2000 Closure of Generic Safety Issue 23, Reactor Coolant Pump Seal Failure
RIS 00-003 03/15/2000 Resolution of Generic Safety Issue 158: Performance of Safety-Related Power-Operated Valves Under Design Basis Conditions
RIS 00-004 03/16/2000 Operating Reactor Licensing Action Estimates
RIS 00-005 03/16/2000 Resolution of Generic Safety Issue 165, Spring-Actuated Safety and Relief Valve Reliability
RIS 00-006 03/20/2000 Consolidated Line Item Improvement Process For Adopting Standard Technical Specifications Changes for Power Reactors
RIS 00-007 03/28/2000 Use of Risk-Informed Decisionmaking in License Amendment Reviews [RIS 2000-07 has been superseded by RIS 2001-02]
RIS 00-008
Rev. 1
02/19/2009 Voluntary Submission of Performance Indicator Data
RIS 00-009 06/26/2000 Standard Review Plan for Licensee Requests to Extend the Time Periods Established for Initiation of Decommissioning Activities
RIS 00-010 06/30/2000 Technical Information to Facilitate Public Access to the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS)
RIS 00-010er 08/07/2000 ERRATA Technical Information to Facilitate Public Access to the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS)
RIS 00-011 06/30/2000 NRC Emergency Telecommunications System
RIS 00-012 08/07/2000 Resolution of Generic Safety Issue B-55, "Improved Reliability of Target Rock Safety Relief Valves"
RIS 00-013 08/18/2000 Annual Report on the Effectiveness of Training in the Nuclear Industry for Calendar Year 1999
RIS 00-014 09/06/2000 Preparation and Scheduling of Operator Licensing Examinations
RIS 00-015 09/07/2000 Recommendations for Ensuring Continued Safe Plant Operation and Minimizing Requests for Enforcement Discretion During Extreme Weather Conditions
RIS 00-016 09/07/2000 Availability of the Reactor Vessel Integrity Database Version 2.0.1
RIS 00-017 09/21/2000 Managing Regulatory Commitments Made by Power Reactor Licensees to the NRC Staff
RIS 00-018 10/23/2000 Guidance on Managing Quality Assurance Records in Electronic Media
RIS 00-019 10/24/2000 Partial Release of Reactor Site for Unrestricted Use Before NRC Approval of the License Termination Plan
RIS 00-020 11/14/2000 Importance of Industry Providing NRC Advance Notice of Intent to Pursue License Renewal
RIS 00-021 10/31/2000 Changes to the Unplanned Scram and Unplanned Scram with Loss of Normal Heat Removal Performance Indicators
RIS 00-022 11/03/2000 Issues Stemming from NRC Staff Review of Recent Difficulties Experienced in Maintaining Steam Generator Tube Integrity
RIS 00-023 11/30/2000 Recent Changes to Uranium Recovery Policy
RIS 00-024 12/21/2000 Concerns about Offsite Power Voltage Inadequacies and Grid Reliability Challenges Due to Industry Deregulation
RIS 00-025 12/26/2000 Potential Deficiency in Qualification of Okonite Single-Conductor Electrical Control Cables

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