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Information Notices - 2013

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File Name Date Description
in2013-22 11/15/2013 Recent Licensing Submittals Containing Personally Identifiable Information
in2013-21 11/21/2013 Welding Problems During Fabrication of Reactor Plant Components
in2013-20 10/03/2013 Steam Generator Channel Head and Tubesheet Degradation
in2013-19 09/22/2013 Quasi-Laminar Indications in Reactor Pressure Vessel Forgings
in2013-18 09/13/2013 Refueling Water Storage Tank Degradation
in2013-17 09/06/2013 Significant Plant Transient Induced by Safety-Related Direct Current Bus Maintenance at Plant
in2013-16 08/12/2013 Importance of Verification of Treatment Parameters for High Dose-Rate Remote Afterloader Administrations
in2013-15 08/23/2013 Willful Misconduct/Record Falsification and Nuclear Safety Culture
in2013-14 08/23/2013 Potential Design Deficiency in Motor-Operated Valve Control Circuitry
Rev. 1
04/15/2015 Deficiencies With Effluent Radiation Monitoring System Instrumentation
in2013-13 07/12/2013 Deficiencies With Effluent Radiation Monitoring System Instrumentation
in2013-12 07/03/2013 Improperly Sloped Instrument Sensing Lines
in2013-11 07/03/2013 Crack-Like Indications At Dents/Dings And In The Freespan Region Of Thermally Treated Alloy 600 Steam Generator Tubes
in2013-10 07/14/2013 Programs For Monitoring Boiling-Water Reactor Steam Dryer Integrity
in2013-09 06/03/2013 Compressed Flammable Gas Cylinders and Associated Hazards
in2013-08 05/02/2013 Pending Expiration of the NRC Type B Transportation Package Certificate for SentinelTM Model 660 Series Radiographic Projectors on June 30, 2013
in2013-07 04/16/2013 Premature Degradation of Spent Fuel Storage Cask Structures and Components from Environmental Moisture
in2013-06 03/25/2013 Corrosion In Fire Protection Piping Due To Air And Water Interaction
in2013-05 03/19/2013 Battery Expected Life and Its Potential Impact on Surveillance Requirements
in2013-04 03/07/2013 Shield Building Concrete Subsurface Laminar Cracking Caused by Moisture Intrusion and Freezing
in2013-03 03/05/2013 Recent Issue with the Definition of Core Quadrant
in2013-02 03/19/2013 Issues Potentially Affecting Nuclear Facility Fire Safety
in2013-01 02/13/2013 Emergency Action Level Thresholds Outside the Range of Radiation Monitors
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