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Information Notices - 2009

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File Name Date Description
in2009-31 12/10/2009 Nonpower Reactor Licensee Notifications to the NRC During an Incident
in2009-30 11/06/2009 Findings From The NRC Initiative To Assess Materials Licensees' Compliance With The NRC Decommissioning Requirements
in2009-29 11/24/2009 Potential Failure Of Fire Water Supply Pumps To Automatically Start Due To A Fire
in2009-28 11/24/2009 Summary of Fitness For Duty Program Performance Reports For Calendar Year 2008
in2009-27 11/13/2009 Revised International Nuclear And Radiological Event Scale User�s Manual
in2009-26 10/28/2009 Degradation Of Neutron-Absorbing Materials In The Spent Fuel Pool
in2009-25 11/10/2009 Small Arms Firing Range Safety Issues
in2009-24 10/13/2009 Sources of Information Related to Potential Cyber Security Vulnerabilities
in2009-23-s1 10/28/2012 Nuclear Fuel Thermal Conductivity Degradation
in2009-23 10/08/2009 Nuclear Fuel Thermal Conductivity Degradation
in2009-22 10/02/2009 Recent Human Performance Issues at Nuclear Power Plants
in2009-21 09/30/2009 Incomplete Medical Testing For Licensed Operators
in2009-20 10/07/2009 Degradation of Wire Rope Used in Fuel Handling Applications
in2009-19 11/24/2009 Hostile Action-Based Emergency Preparedness Drills
in2009-18 09/18/2009 Performance Of Required Shutter Checks And Reporting Of Gauge Shutter Failures
in2009-17 08/28/2009 Reportable Medical Events Involving Treatment Delivery Errors Caused By Confusion Of Units For The Specification Of Brachytherapy Sources
in2009-16 09/15/2009 Spurious Relay Actuations Result In Loss Of Power To Safeguards Buses
in2009-15 08/28/2009 Varian Medical Systems Varisource High Dose-Rate Remote Afterloader Events: Source Retraction Problems
in2009-14 08/17/2009 Painting Activities and Cleaning Agents Render Emergency Diesel Generators and other Plant Equipment Inoperable
in2009-12 07/27/2009 Exempt Distribution Licensing Requirements For Irradiated Gemstones
in2009-11 07/07/2009 Configuration Control Errors
in2009-10 07/07/2009 Transformer Failures - Recent Operating Experience
in2009-09 06/19/2009 Improper Flow Controller Settings Renders Injection Systems Inoperable And Surveillance Did Not Identify
in2009-08 05/08/2009 NRC Rapid Change Notification of Licensees Following A Physical Attack Against A Facility
in2009-07 03/30/2009 Withholding of Propriety Information from Public Disclosure
in2009-06 07/21/2009 Construction-Related Experience With Flood Protection Features
in2009-05 02/03/2009 Contamination Events Resulting From Damage To Sealed Radioactive Sources During Gauge Dismantlement And Non-Routine Maintenance Operations
in2009-04 02/18/2009 Age-Related Constant Support Degradation
in2009-03 03/11/2009 Solid State Production System Card Failure Results in Spurious Safety Injection and Reactor Trip
in2009-02 02/23/2009 Biodiesel In Fuel Oil Could Adversely Impact Diesel Engine Performance
in2009-01 01/22/2009 National Response Framework
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