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Information Notices - 2008

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File Name Date Description
in2008-22 01/12/2009 Molybdenum-90 Breakthrough in Molybdenum-99/Technetium-99M Generators
in2008-21 11/24/2008 Impact Of Non-Safety Electrical Support System Vulnerabilities On Safety Systems
in2008-20 12/08/2008 Failures of Motor Operated Valve Actuator Motors with Magnesium Alloy Rotors
in2008-19 12/16/2008 Tamper-Indicating Device Issues
in2008-18 12/01/2008 Loss of a Safety-Related Motor Control Center Caused by a Bus Fault
in2008-17 10/22/2008 Construction Experience With Concrete Placement
in2008-16 09/02/2008 Summary of Fitness-For-Duty Program Performance Reports for Calendar Year 2007
in2008-15 08/12/2008 Emergency Response Data System Test Schedule Revised
in2008-14 07/29/2008 Criticality Safety-related Events Resulting from Fissile Material Operations under Procedures Not Reviewed by Criticality Safety Staff
in2008-13 07/30/2008 Main Feedwater System Issues and Related 2007 Reactor Trip Data
in2008-12 07/07/2008 Braidwood Unit 1 Reactor Trip Due to Off-Site Power Fluctuation
in2008-11 06/18/2008 Service Water System Degradation at Brunswick Steam Electric Plant Unit 1
in2008-10 05/01/2008 Response to Indications of Potential Tampering, Vandalism, or Malicious Mischief
in2008-09 05/22/2008 Turbine-driven Auxiliary Feedwater Pump Bearing Issues
in2008-08 04/16/2008 Maintenance Procedures Compromise Double-Contingency of UO2 Powder-Handling Equipment at Fuel Cycle Facility
in2008-07 04/24/2008 Cracking Indications in Thermally Treated Alloy 600 Steam Generator Tubes
in2008-06 04/10/2008 Instrument Air System Failure Resulting In Manual Reactor Trip
in2008-05 04/10/2008 Fires Involving Emergency Diesel Generator Exhaust Manifolds
in2008-04 04/07/2008 Counterfeit Parts Supplied to Nuclear Power Plants
in2008-03 05/16/2008 Precautions to take before Sharing Sensitive Security-Related Information
in2008-02 03/19/2008 Findings Identified During Component Design Bases Inspections
in2008-01 01/03/2008 Designation and Protection Of Safeguards Information

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