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Information Notices - 2006

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File Name Date Description
in200631 12/26/06 Inadequate Fault Interrupting Rating of Breakers
in200630 12/21/06 Summary of Fitness-for-duty Program Performance Reports for Calendar Years 2004 and 2005
in200629 12/14/06 Potential Common Cause Failure of Motor-operated Valves as a Result of Stem nut Wear
in200628 12/22/06 Siren System Failures Due to Erroneous Siren System Signal
in200627 12/11/06 Circumferential Cracking in the Stainless Steel Pressurizer Heater Sleeves of Pressurized Water Reactors
in200626 11/20/06 Failure of Magnesium Rotors in Motor-operated Valve Actuators
in200625 11/14/06 Lessons Learned From NRC Inspection Of Control And Accounting Of Special Nuclear Material At Commercial Nuclear Power Reactors
in200624 11/14/06 Recent Operating Experience Associated with Pressure and Main Steam Safety/Relief Valve Lift Setpoints
in200623 11/07/06 Events Involving Potential Tampering Or Malfeasance By Persons Granted Unescorted Access
in200622 10/12/06 New Ultra-low-sulfur Diesel Fuel Oil Could Adversely Impact Diesel Engine Performance
in200621 09/21/06 Operating Experience Regarding Entrainment of Air into Emergency Core Cooling and Containment Spray Systems
in200620 10/16/06 Foreign Material Found in the Emergency Core Cooling System
in200619 08/24/06 Leaking Fuel Element Causes False Indication of Steam Dryer Leakage in Boiling-Water Reactor
in200618sup1 08/10/07 Significant Loss of Safety-Related Electrical Power at Forsmark, Unit 1, in Sweden
in200618 08/17/06 Significant Loss of Safety-Related Electrical Power at Forsmark, Unit 1, in Sweden
in200617 07/31/06 Recent Operating Experience of Service Water Systems Due to External Conditions
in200616 07/28/06 Implementing Search Requirements for Personnel, Packages and Material at NRC-Licensed Facilities
in200615 07/27/06 Vibration-Induced Degradtion and Failure of Safety-Related Valves
in200614sup1 09/25/06 Potentially Defective External Lead-Wire Connections in Barton Pressure Transmitters
in200614 07/10/06 Potentially Defective External Lead-Wire Connections in Barton Pressure Transmitters
in200613 07/10/06 Ground-Water Contamination Due to Undetected Leakage of Radioactive Water
in200612 07/06/06 Exercising Due Diligence when Transferring Radioactive Materials
in200611 06/12/06 Applicability of Patient Intervention in Determining Medical Events for Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Other Therapy Procedures
in200610 04/23/06 Use of Concentration Control for Criticality Safety
in200609 04/11/06 Performance of NRC-Licensed Individuals while on Duty with Respect to Control Room Attentiveness
in200608 03/16/06 Secondary Piping Rupture at the Mihama Power Station in Japan
in200607 03/31/06 Inappropriate Use of a Single-Parameter Limit as a Nuclear Criticality Safety Limit
in200606 03/03/06 Loss of Offsite Power and Station Blackout Are More Probable During Summer Period
in200605 03/03/06 Possible Defect in Bussmann KWN-R AND KTN-R Fuses
in200604 02/13/06 Design Deficiency in Pressurizer Heaters for Pressurized-Water Reactors
in200603 01/25/06 Motor Starter Failures Due to Mechanical-Interlock Binding
in200602 01/19/06 Use of Galvanized Supports and Cable Trays with Meggitt Si 2400 Stainless-Steel-Jacketed Electrical Cables
in200601 01/12/06 Torus Cracking in a BWR Mark I Containment

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