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Information Notices - 2005

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File Name Date Description
in200533 12/30/05 Managing the Safety/Security Interface
in200532 12/23/05 Product Alert for Fire Hydrants
in200531 11/17/05 Potential Non-Conservative Error in Preparing Problem-Dependent Cross Sections for Use with the Keno V.A. or Keno-VI Criticality Code
in200530 11/07/05 Safe Shutdown Potentially Challenged by Unanalyzed Internal Flooding Events and Inadequate Design
in200529 10/27/05 Steam Generator Tube and Support Configuration
in200528 10/31/05 Inadequate Test Procdures Fails to Detect Inoperable Criticality Accident Alarm Horns
in200527 10/07/05 Low-Dose-Rate Manual Brachytherapy — Equipment-Related Medical Events
in200526s1 01/20/06 Additional Results of Chemical Effects Tests in a Simulated PWR Sump Pool Environment
in200526 09/16/05 Results of Chemical Effects Head Loss Tests in a Simulated PWR Sump Pool Environment
in200525 08/25/05 Inadvertent Reactor Trip and Partial Safety Injection Actuation Due to Tin Whisker
in200524 08/03/05 Nonconservatism in Leakage Detection Sensitivity
in200523 08/01/05 Vibration-Induced Degradation of Butterfly Valves
in200522 07/29/05 Inadequate Criticality Safety Analysis of Ventilation Systems at Fuel Cycle Facilities
in200521 07/21/05 Plant Trip and Loss of Preferred AC Power from Inadequate Switchyard Maintenance
in200520 07/19/05 Electrical Distribution System Failures Affecting Security Equipment
in200519 07/18/05 Effect of Plant Configuration Changes on the Emergency Plan
in200518 07/15/05 Summary of Fitness-for-Duty Program Performance Reports for Calendar Years 2001, 2002 and 2003
in200517 06/23/05 Manual Brachytherapy Source Jamming
in200516 06/20/05 Outage Planning and Scheduling - Impacts on Risk
in200515 06/01/05 Three-Unit Trip and Loss of Offsite Power at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station
in200515 attachment 06/01/05 Three-Unit Trip and Loss of Offsite Power at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station
in200514 06/01/05 Fire Protection Findings on Loss of Seal Cooling to Westinghouse Reactor Coolant Pumps
in200513 05/17/05 Potential Non-Conservative Error in Modeling Geometric Regions in the Keno-V.a Criticality Code
in200512 05/17/05 Excessively Large Criticality Safety Limits Fail to Provide Double Contingency at Fuel Cycle Facility
in200511 05/06/05 Internal Flooding/Spray-Down of Safety-Related Equipment Due to Unsealed Equipment Hatch Floor Plugs and/or Blocked Floor Drains
in200510 04/07/05 Changes to 10 CFR Part 71 Packages
in200509 04/07/05 Indications in Thermally Treated Alloy 600 Steam Generator Tubes and Tube-to-Tubesheet Welds
in200508 04/05/05 Monitoring Vibration to Detect Circumferential Cracking of Reactor Coolant Pump and Reactor Recirculation Pump Shafts
in200507 04/01/05 Results of HEMYC Electrical Raceway Fire Barrier System Full Scale Fire Testing
in200506 03/30/05 Failure to Maintain Alert and Notification System Tone Alert Radio Capability
in200505 03/10/05 Improving Material Control and Accountability Interface with Criticality Safety Activities at Fuel Cycle Facilities
in200504 02/14/05 Single-Failure and Fire Vulnerability of Redundant Electrical Safety Buses
in200503 02/10/05 Inadequate Design and Installation of Seismic-Gap Fire Barriers
in200502 02/04/05 Pressure Boundary Leakage Identified on Steam Generator Bowl Drain Welds
in200501 02/04/05 Halon Fire-Extinguishing System Piping Incorrectly Connected

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