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Information Notices - 2004

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File Name Date Description
in04021 11/24/2004 Additional Adverse Effect of Boric Acid Leakage: Potential Impact on Post-Accident Coolant pH
in04020 11/24/2004 Recent Issues Associated with NRC Medical Requirements for Licensed Operators
in04019 11/04/2004 Problems Associated with Back-up Power Supplies to Emergency Response Facilities and Equipment
in04018 10/26/2004 Recent Safety-Related Event at Panoramic Wet-Source-Storage Irradiator
in04017 08/25/2004 Loose Part Detection and Computerized Eddy Current Data Analysis in Steam Generators
in04016 08/03/2004 Tube Leakage due to a Fabrication Flaw in a Replacement Steam Generator
in04015 07/22/2004 Dual-Unit Scram at Peach Bottom Units 2 and 3
in04014 07/19/2004 Use of less than Optimal Bounding Assumptions in Criticality Safety Analysis at Fuel Cycle Facilities
in04013 06/30/2004 Registration, Use, and Quality Assurance Requirements for NRC-Certified Transportation Packages
in04012 06/25/2004 Spent Fuel Rod Accountability
in04011 05/06/2004 Cracking in Pressurizer Safety and Relief Nozzles and in Surge Line Nozzle
in04010 05/04/2004 Loose Parts in Steam Generators
in04009 04/27/2004 Corrosion of Steel Containment and Containment Liner
in04008 04/22/2004 Reactor Coolant Pressure Boundary Leakage Attributable to Propagation of Cracking in Reactor Vessel Nozzle Welds
in04007 04/07/2004 Plugging of Safety Injection Pump Lubrication Oil Coolers With Lakeweed1
in04006 03/26/2004 Loss of Feedwater Isokinetic Sampling Probes at Dresden Units 2 and 3
in04005 03/03/2004 Spent Fuel Pool Leakage to Onsite Groundwater
in04004 02/24/2004 Fuel Damage During Cleaning at a Foreign Pressurized Water Reactor
in04003 02/24/2004 Radiation Exposures to Members of the Public in Excess of Regulatory Limits Caused by Failures to Perform Appropriate Radiation Surveys During Well-logging Operations
in04002 02/05/2004 Strontium-90 Eye Applicators: New Calibration Values and Use
in04001 01/21/2004 Auxiliary Feedwater Pump Recirculation Line Orifice Fouling - Potential Common Cause Failure

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