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Information Notices - 2002

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File Name Date Description
in02023s1 03/21/2006 Unauthorized Administration of Byproduct Material for Medical Use – Supplement 1
in02026s2 01/09/2004 Additional Flow-Induced Vibration Failures after a Recent Power Uprate – Supplement 2
in02026s1 07/21/2003 Additional Failure of Steam Dryer After a Recent Power Uprate – Supplement 1
in02015s1 05/06/2003 Potential Hydrogen Combustion Events in BWR Piping – Supplement 1
in02021s1 04/01/2003 Axial Outside-Diameter Cracking Affecting Thermally Treated Alloy 600 Steam Generator Tubing – Supplement 1
in02031s1 03/24/2003 Potentially Defective UF6 Cylinder Valves (1-inch) – Supplement 1
in02036 12/27/2002 Incomplete or Inaccurate Information Provided to the Licensee And/or NRC by Any Contractor or Subcontractor Employee
in02035 12/20/2002 Changes To 10 CFR Parts 71 AND 72 Quality Assurance Programs
in02034 11/25/2002 Failure of Safety-Related Circuit Breaker External Auxiliary Switches at Columbia Generating Station
in02033 11/22/2002 Notification of Permanent Injunction Against Neutron Products Incorporated of Dickerson, Maryland
in02029er 11/06/2002 Recent Design Problems in Safety Functions of Pneumatic Systems – (ERRATA)
in02032 10/31/2002 Electromigration on Semiconductor Integrated Circuits
in02031 10/31/2002 Potentially Defective UF6 Cylinder Valves (1-Inch)
in02030 10/30/2002 Control And Surveillance of Portable Gauges During Field Operations
in02029 10/15/2002 Recent Design Problems in Safety Functions of Pneumatic Systems
in02028 09/27/2002 Appointment of Radiation Safety Officers and Authorized Users Under 10 CFR Part 35
in02027 09/20/2002 Recent Fires at Commercial Nuclear Power Plants in the United States
in02026 09/11/2002 Failure of Steam Dryer Cover Plate After a Recent Power Uprate
in02025 08/26/2002 Challenges to Licensees Ability to Provide Prompt Public Notification and Information During an Emergency Preparedness Event
in02024 07/19/2002 Potential Problems with Heat Collectors on Fire Protection Sprinklers
in02002s1 07/17/2002 Recent Experience With Plugged Steam Generator Tubes – Supplement 1
in02023 07/16/2002 Unauthorized Administration of Byproduct Material For Medical Use
in02010s1 06/28/2002 Diablo Canyon Manual Reactor Trip and Steam Generator Water Level Setpoint Uncertainties – Supplement 1
in02022 06/28/2002 Degraded Bearing Surfaces in GM/EMD Emergency Diesel Generators
in02021 06/25/2002 Axial Outside-Diameter Cracking Affecting Thermally Treated Alloy 600 Steam Generator Tubing
in02020 06/20/2002 Microwave Parimeter Intrusion Detection System Installation
in02019 06/14/2002 Medical Misadministrations Caused by Failure to Properly Perform Tests on Dose Calibrators for Beta-and-Low Energy Photon-Emitting Radionuclides
in02018 06/06/2002 Effect of Adding Gas Into Water Storage Tanks on the Net Positive Suction Head For Pumps
in02017 05/30/2002 Medical use of Strontium-90 Eye Applicators: New Requirements for Calibration and Decay Correction
in02016 05/01/2002 Intravascular Brachytherapy Misadministrations
in02015 04/12/2002 Hydrogen Combustion Events in Foreign BWR Piping
in02014 04/08/2002 Ensuring a Capability to Evacuate Individuals, Including Members of the Public, from the Owner-Controlled Area
in02013 04/04/2002 Possible Indicators of Ongoing Reactor Pressure Vessel Head Degradation
in02012 04/21/2002 Submerged Safety-Related Electrical Cables
in02011 03/12/2002 Recent Experience with Degradation of Reactor Pressure Vessel Head
in02010 03/07/2002 Nonconservative Water Level Setpoints on Steam Generators
in02009 02/13/2002 Potential for top Nozzle Separation and Dropping of a Certain Type of Westinghouse Fuel Assembly
in02008 01/30/2002 Pump Shaft Damage Due to Excessive Hardness of Shaft Sleeve
in02007 01/28/2002 Use Of Sodium Hypochlorite For Cleaning Diesel Fuel Oil Supply Tanks
in02006 01/18/2002 Design Vulnerability in BWR Reactor Vessel Level Instrumentation Backfill Modification
in02005 01/17/2002 Foreign Material in Standby Liquid Control Storage Tanks
in02004 01/10/2002 Wire Degradation at Breaker Cubicle Door Hinges
in02003 01/10/2002 Highly Radioactive Particle Control Problems During Spent Fuel Pool Cleanout
in02002 01/08/2002 Recent Experience with Plugged Steam Generator Tubes
in02001 01/08/2002 Metalclad Switchgear Failures and Consequent Losses of Offsite Power

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