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Information Notices - 2001

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File Name Date Description
in01019 12/17/2001 Improper Maintenance and Reassembly of Automatic Oil Bubblers
in01018 12/14/2001 Degraded or Failed Automated Electronic Monitoring, Control, Alarming, Response, and Communications Needed for Safety and Safeguards
in01017 12/14/2001 Degraded and Failed Performance of Essential Utilities Needed for Safety and Safeguards
in01016 10/31/2001 Recent Foreign and Domestic Experience with Degradation of Steam Generator Tubes and Internals
in01015 10/29/2001 Non-Conservative Errors in Minimum Critical Power Ratio Limits
in01014 10/03/2001 Problems with Incorrectly-Installed Swing-Check Valves
in01013 08/10/2001 Inadequate Standby Liquid Control System Relief Valve Margin
in01012er 08/08/2001 Hydrogen Fire at Nuclear Power Station – (ERRATA)
in01012 07/13/2001 Hydrogen Fire at Nuclear Power Station
in01011 07/13/2001 Thefts of Portable Gauges
in01010 06/28/2001 Failure of Central Sprinkler Company Model GB Series Fire Sprinkler Heads
in01009 06/12/2001 Main Feedwater System Degradation in Safety-Related ASME Code Class 2 Piping Inside the Containment of a Pressurized Water Reactor
in01008s1 06/06/2001 Update on the Investigation of Patient Deaths in Panama, Following Radiation Therapy Overexposures – Supplement 1
in01008 06/01/2001 Treatment Planning System Errors Result in Deaths of Overseas Radiation Therapy Patients
in01007 05/11/2001 Unescorted Access Granted on the Basis of Incomplete and/or Inaccurate Information
in01006 05/11/2001 Centrifugal Charging Pump Thrust Bearing Damage Not Detected Due to Inadequate Assessment of Oil Analysis Results and Selection of Pump Surveillance Points
in01005 04/30/2001 Through-Wall Circumferential Cracking of Reactor Pressure Vessel Head Control Rod Drive Mechanism Penetration Nozzles at Oconee Nuclear Station, Unit 3
in01004 04/11/2001 Neglected Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Causes Fatality
in01003 04/06/2001 Incident Reporting Requirements for Radiography Licensees
in01002 03/28/2001 Summary of Fitness-for-Duty Program Performance Reports for Calendar Years 1998 and 1999
in01001 03/26/2001 The Importance of Accurate Inventory Controls to Prevent the Unauthorized Possession of Radioactive Material

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