United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Information Notices - 2000

File Name Date Description
in00022 12/18/2000 Medical Misadministrations Caused by Human Errors Involving Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery (Gamma Knife)
in00021 12/15/2000 Detached Check Valve Disc Not Detected by Use of Acoustic and Magnetic Nonintrusive Test Techniques
in00020 12/11/2000 Potential Loss of Redundant Safety-Related Equipment Because of the Lack of High-Energy Line Break Barriers
in00019 12/05/2000 Implementation of Human Use Research Protocols Involving U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulated Materials
in00018 11/29/2000 Substandard Material Supplied by Chicago Bullet Proof Systems
in00017s2 02/28/2001 Crack in Weld Area of Reactor Coolant System Hot Leg Piping at V. C. Summer – Supplement 2
in00017s1 11/16/2000 Crack in Weld Area of Reactor Coolant System Hot Leg Piping at V. C. Summer – Supplement 1
in00017 10/18/2000 Crack in Weld Area of Reactor Coolant System Hot Leg Piping at V. C. Summer
in00016 10/05/2000 Potential Hazards Due to Volatilization of Radionuclides
in00015 09/29/2000 Recent Events Resulting in Whole Body Exposures Exceeding Regulatory Limits
in00014 09/27/2000 Non-Vital Bus Fault Leads to Fire and Loss of Offsite Power
in00013 09/27/2000 Review of Refueling Outage Risk
in00012 09/21/2000 Potential Degradation of Firefighter Primary Protective Garments
in00011 08/07/2000 Licensee Responsibility for Quality Assurance Oversight of Contractor Activities Regarding Fabrication and Use of Spent Fuel Storage Cask Systems
in00010 07/18/2000 Recent Events Resulting in Extremity Exposures Exceeding Regulatory Limits
in00009 06/28/2000 Steam Generator Tube Failure at Indian Point Unit 2
in00008 05/15/2000 Inadequate Assessment of the Effect of Differential Temperatures on Safety- Related Pumps
in00007 04/13/2000 National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Respirator User Notice: Special Precautions for Using Certain Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Air Cylinders
in00006 03/27/2000 Offsite Power Voltage Inadequacies
in00005 03/06/2000 Recent Medical Misadministrations Resulting from Inattention to Detail
in00004 02/25/2000 1999 Enforcement Sanctions for Deliberate Violations of NRC Employee Protection Requirements
in00003 02/22/2000 High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter Exceeds Mass Limit Before Reaching Expected Differential Pressure
in00002 02/22/2000 Failure of Criticality Safety Control to Prevent Uranium Dioxide (Uo2) Powder Accumulation
in00001 02/11/2000 Operational Issues Identified in Boiling Water Reactor Trip and Transient

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