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Information Notices - 1999

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File Name Date Description
in99003r1 03/04/2014 Exothermic Reactions Involving Dried Uranium Oxide Powder (Yellowcake) - Revision 1
in99028s1 03/22/2002 Recall of Star Brand Fire Protection Sprinkler Heads – Supplement 1
in99034 12/28/1999 Potential Fire Hazard in the Use of Polyalphaolefin in Testing of Air Filters
in99033 12/21/1999 Management of Wastes Contaminated with Radioactive Materials
in99032 12/17/1999 The Effect of the Year 2000 Issue on Medical Licensees
in99031 11/17/1999 Operational Controls to Guard Against Inadvertent Nuclear Criticality
in99030 11/08/1999 Failure of Double Contingency Based on Administrative Controls Involving Laboratory Sampling and Spectroscopic Analysis of Wet Uranium Waste
in99029 10/28/1999 Authorized Contents of Spent Fuel Casks
in99010r1 10/07/1999 Degradation of Prestressing Tendon Systems in Prestressed Concrete Containments – Revision 1
in99028 09/30/1999 Recall of Star Brand Fire Protection Sprinkler Heads
in99027 09/02/1999 Malfunction of Source Retraction Mechanism in Cobalt-60 Teletherapy Treatment Units
in99026 08/24/1999 Safety and Economic Consequences of Misleading Marketing Information
in99025 08/10/1999 Year 2000 Contingency Planning Activities
in99024 07/12/1999 Broad-Scope Licensees' Responsibilities for Reviewing and Approving Unregistered Sealed Sources and Devices
in99023 07/06/1999 Safety Concerns Related to Repeated Control Unit Failures of the Nucletron Classic Model High-Dose-Rate Remote Afterloading Brachytherapy Devices
in99022 06/25/1999 10 CFR 34.43 (a) (1); Effective Date for Radiographer Certification and Plans for Enforcement Discretion
in99021 06/25/1999 Recent Plant Events Caused by Human Performance Errors
in99020 06/25/1999 Contingency Planning for the Year 2000 Computer Problem
in99019 06/23/1999 Rupture of the Shell Side of a Feedwater Heater at the Point Beach Nuclear Plant
in99018 06/14/1999 Update on NRC'S Year 2000 Activities for Materials Licensees and Fuel Cycle Licensees and Certificate Holders
in99017 06/03/1999 Problems Associated with Post-Fire Safe-Shutdown Circuit Analyses
in99016 05/28/1999 Federal Bureau of Investigation's Nuclear Site Security Program
in99015 05/27/1999 Misapplication of 10 CFR Part 71 transportation Shipping Cask Licensing Basis to 10 CFR Part 50 Design Basis
in99014 05/05/1999 Unanticipated Reactor Water Draindown at Quad Cities Unit 2, Arkansas Nuclear One Unit 2, and Fitzpatrick
in99013 04/29/1999 Insights from NRC Inspections of Low- and Medium-voltage Circuit Breaker Maintenance Programs
in99012 04/28/1999 Year 2000 Computer Systems Readiness Audits
in99011 04/16/1999 Incidents Involving the Use of Radioactive Iodine-131
in99010 04/13/1999 Degradation of Prestressing Tendon Systems in Prestressed Concrete Containments
in99008 03/26/1999 Urine Specimen Adulteration
in99009 03/24/1999 Problems Encountered When Manually Editing Treatment Data on the Nucletron Microselectron-HDR (New) Model 105.999
in99007 03/22/1999 Failed Fire Protection Deluge Valves and Potential Testing Deficiencies in Preaction Sprinkler Systems
in99006 03/19/1999 1998 Enforcement Sanctions as a Result of Deliberate Violations of NRC Employee Protection Requirements
in99005 03/08/1999 Inadvertent Discharge of Carbon Dioxide Fire Protection System and Gas Migration
in99004 03/01/1999 Unplanned Radiation Exposures to Radiographers, Resulting from Failures to Follow Proper Radiation Safety Procedures
in99003 01/29/1999 Exothermic Reactions Involving Dried Uranium Oxide Powder (Yellowcake)
in99002 01/21/1999 Guidance to Users on the Implementation of a New Single-Source Dose-Calculation Formalism and Revised Air-Kerma Strength Standard for Iodine-125 Sealed Sources
in99001 01/20/1999 Deterioration of High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters in a Pressurized Water Reactor Containment Fan Cooler Unit

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