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Information Notices - 1998

File Name Date Description
in98045 12/15/1998 Cavitation Erosion of Letdown Line Orifices Resulting in Fatigue Cracking of Pipe Welds
in98044 12/10/1998 Ten-Year Inservice Inspection (ISI) Program Update for Licensees That Intend to Implement Risk-Informed ISI of Piping
in98043 12/04/1998 Leaks in the Emergency Diesel Generator Lubricating Oil and Jacket Cooling Water Piping
in98042 12/01/1998 Implementation of 10 CFR 50.55a(g) Inservice Inspection Requirements
in98041 11/20/1998 Spurious Shutdown of Emergency Diesel Generators from Design Oversight
in98040 10/26/1998 Design Deficiencies Can Lead to Reduced ECCS Pump Net Positive Suction Head During Design-Basis Accidents
in98039 10/30/1998 Summary of Fitness-For-Duty Program Performance Reports for Calendar Years 1996 and 1997
in98038 10/15/1998 Metal-Clad Circuit Breaker Maintenance Issues Identified by NRC Inspections
in98037 10/01/1998 Eligibility of Operator License Applicants
in98036 09/18/1998 Inadequate or Poorly Controlled, Non-Safety-Related Maintenance Activities Unnecessarily Challenged Safety Systems
in98035 09/04/1998 Threat Assessments and Consideration of Heightened Physical Protection Measures issued
in98034 08/28/1998 Configuration Control Errors
in98033 08/28/1998 NRC Regulations Prohibit Agreements That Restrict or Discourage an Employee from Participating in Protected Activities
in98031 08/18/1998 Fire Protection System Design Deficiencies and Common-Mode Flooding of Emergency Core Cooling System Rooms at Washington Nuclear Project Unit 2
in98030 08/12/1998 Effect of the Year 2000 Computer Problem on NRC Licensees and Certificate Holders
in98029 08/03/1998 Predicted Increase in Fuel Rod Cladding Oxidation
in98028 07/31/1998 Development of Systematic Sample Plan for Operator Licensing Examinations
in98027 07/24/1998 Steam Generator Tube End Cracking
in98026 07/24/1998 Settlement Monitoring and Inspection of Plant Structures Affected by Degradation of Porous Concrete Subfoundations
in98025 07/08/1998 Loss of Inventory from Safety-Related, Closed-Loop Cooling Water Systems
in98024 06/26/1998 Stem Binding in Turbine Governor Valves in Reactor Core Isolation Cooling (RCIC) and Auxiliary Feedwater (AFW) Systems
in98023 06/23/1998 Crosby Relief Valve Setpoint Drift Problems Caused by Corrosion of The Guide Ring
in98022 06/17/1998 Deficiencies Identified During NRC Design Inspections
in98021 06/04/1998 Potential Deficiency of Electrical Cable/Connection Systems
in98020 06/03/1998 Problems with Emergency Preparedness Respiratory Protection Programs
in98019 06/03/1998 Shaft Binding in General Electric Type SBM Control Switches
in98018 05/13/1998 Recent Contamination Incidences Resulting from Failure to Perform Adequate Surveys
in98017 05/07/1998 Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) Awareness of National Security Issues and Response (ANSIR) Program
in98016 04/30/1998 Inadequate Operational Checks of Alarm Ratemeters
in98015 04/20/1998 Integrity of Operator Licensing Examinations
in98014 04/20/1998 Undocumented Changes to Non-Power Reactor Safety System Wiring
in98013 04/20/1998 Post-Refueling Outage Reactor Pressure Vessel Leak Testing Before Core Criticality
in98012 04/03/1998 Licensees' Responsibilities Regarding Reporting and Follow-Up Requirements for Nuclear-Powered Pacemakers
in98011 03/25/1998 Cracking of Reactor Vessel Internal Baffle Former Bolts in Foreign Plants
in98010 03/09/1998 Probable Misadministrations Occurring During Intravascular Brachytherapy with the Novoste Beta-Cath System
in98009 03/05/1998 Collapse of an ISOCAM II, Dual-Headed Nuclear Medicine Gamma Camera
in98008 03/02/1998 Information Likely to be Requested if an Emergency is Declared
in98007 02/27/1998 Offsite Power Reliability Challenges from Industry Deregulation
in98006 02/19/1998 Unauthorized Use of License to Obtain Radioactive Materials, and its Implications under the Expanded Title 18 of the U.S. Code
in98005 02/11/1998 Criminal History Record Information
in98004 02/09/1998 1997 Enforcement Sanctions for Deliberate Violations of NRC Employee Protection Requirements
in98032 01/26/1999 NONE
in98003 01/21/1998 Inadequate Verification of Overcurrent Trip Setpoints in Metal-Clad, Low-Voltage Circuit Breakers
in98002 01/21/1998 Nuclear Power Plant Cold Weather Problems and Protective Measures
in98001 01/15/1998 Thefts of Portable Gauges

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