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Information Notices - 1996

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File Name Date Description
in96048s1 07/24/1998 Motor-Operated Valve Performance Issues – Supplement 1
in96044s1 07/02/1997 Failure of Reactor Trip Breaker from Cracking of Phenolic Material in Secondary Contact Assembly – Supplement 1
in96053s1 06/23/1997 Retrofit to Amersham 660 Posilock Radiography Camera to Correct Inconsistency in 10 CFR Part 34 Compatibility – Supplement 1
in96071 12/27/1996 Licensee Response to Indications of Tampering, Vandalism, or Malicious Mischief
in96072 12/24/1996 Undetected Failures That May Occur During Patient Treatments with Teletherapy Devices
in96070 12/24/1996 Year 2000 Effect on Computer System Software
in96069 12/20/1996 Operator Actions Affecting Reactivity
in96068 12/19/1996 Incorrect Effective Diaphragm Area Values in Vendor Manual Result in Potential Failure of Pneumatic Diapragm Actuators
in96067 12/19/1996 Vulnerability of Emergency Diesel Generators to Fuel Oil/Lube Oil Incompatibility
in96066 12/13/1996 Recent Misadministrations Caused by Incorrect Calibrations of Strontium-90 Eye Applicators
in96065 12/11/1996 Undetected Accumulations of Gas in Reactor Coolant System and Inaccurate Reactor Water Level Indication During Shutdown (with figure)
in96064 12/10/1996 Modifications to Containment Blowout Panels Without Appropriate Design Controls
in96063 12/05/1996 Potential Safety Issue Regarding the Shipment of Fissile Material
in96062 11/20/1996 Potential Failure of the Instantaneous Trip Function of General Electric RMS-9 Programmers
in96061 11/20/1996 Failure of a Main Steam Safety Valve to Reseat Caused by an Improperly Installed Release Nut (with figure)
in96060 11/14/1996 Potential Common-Mode Post-Accident Failure of Residual Heat Removal Heat Exchangers
in96059 10/30/1996 Potential Degradation of Post Loss-of-Coolant Re- Circulation Capability as a Result of Debris
in96058 10/30/1996 RCP Seal Replacement with Pump on Backseat
in96057 10/30/1996 Incident-reporting Requirements Involving Intakes During a 24-hour Period That May Cause a Total Effective Dose Equivalent in Excess of 0.05 SV (5 rems)
in96056 10/22/1996 Problems Associated with Testing, Tuning, or Resetting of Digital Control Systems While at Power
in96055 10/22/1996 Inadequate Net Positive Suction Head of Emergency Core Cooling and Containment Heat Removal Pumps under Design Basis Accident Conditions
in96054 10/17/1996 Vulnerability of Stainless Steel to Corrosion When Sensitized
in96053 10/15/1996 Retrofit to Amersham 660 Posilock Radiography Camera to Correct Inconsistency in 10 CFR Part 34 Compatibility
in96040s1 10/07/1996 Deficiencies in Material Dedication and Procurement Practices and in Audits of Vendors – Supplement 1
in96052 09/26/1996 Cracked Insertion Rods on Troxler Model 3400 Series Portable Moisture Density Guages
in96051 09/11/1996 Residual Contamination Remaining in Krypton-85 Handling System after Venting
in96050 09/04/1996 Problems with Levering-in Devices in Westinghouse Circuit Breakers (with figures)
in96048 08/21/1996 Motor-Operated Valve Performance Issues
in96049 08/20/1996 Thermally Induced Pressurization of Nuclear Power Facility Piping
in96047 08/19/1996 Recordkeeping, Decommissioning Notifications for Disposals of Radioactive Waste by Land Burial Authorized under Former 10 CFR 20.304, 20.302, and Current 20.2002
in96046 08/12/1996 Zinc Plating of Hardened Metal Parts and Removal of Protective Coatings in Refurbished Circuit Breakers
in96045 08/12/1996 Potential Common-Mode Post-Accident Failure of Containment Coolers
in96044 08/05/1996 Failure of Reactor Trip Breaker from Cracking of Phenolic Material in Secondary Contact Assembly
in96042 08/05/1996 Unexpected Opening of Multiple Safety Relief Valves
in96043 08/02/1996 Failures of General Electric Magne-Blast Circuit Breakers
in96041 07/26/1996 Effects of a Decrease in Feedwater Temperature on Nuclear Instrumentation
in96040 07/25/1996 Deficiencies in Material Dedication and Procurement Practices and in Audits of Vendors
in96009s1 07/10/1996 Damage in Foreign Steam Generator Internals – Supplement 1
in96039 07/05/1996 Estimates of Decay Heat Using Ans 5.1 Decay Heat Standard May Vary Significantly
in96038 06/21/1996 Results of Steam Generator Tube Examinations
in96037 06/18/1996 Inaccurate Reactor Water Level Indication and Inadvertent Draindown During Shutdown
in96036 06/12/1996 Degradation of Cooling Water Systems Due to Icing
in96035 06/11/1996 Failure of Safety Systems on Self-Shielded Irradiators Because of Inadequate Maintenance and Training
in96032 06/05/1996 Implementation of 10 CFR 50.55a(g)(6)(Ii)(A), "Augmented Examination of Reactor Vessel"
in96034 05/31/1996 Hydrogen Gas Ignition During Closure Welding of a VSC-24 Multi-Assembly Sealed Basket
in96033 05/24/1996 Erroneous Data from Defective Thermocouple Results in a Fire
in96031 05/22/1996 Cross-Tied Safety Injection Accumulators
in96030 05/21/1996 Inaccuracy of Diagnostic Equipment for Motor-Operated Butterfly Valves
in96029 05/20/1996 Requirements in 10 CFR Part 21 for Reporting and Evaluating Software Errors
in96028 05/01/1996 Suggested Guidance Relating to Development and Implementation of Corrective Action
in96027 05/01/1996 Potential Clogging of High Pressure Safety Injection Throttle Valves During Recirculation
in96026 04/30/1996 Recent Problems with Overhead Cranes
in96025 04/30/1996 Traversing In-Core Probe Overwithdrawn at Lasalle County Station, Unit 1
in96024 04/25/1996 Preconditioning of Molded-Case Circuit Breakers Before Surveillance Testing
in96023 04/22/1996 Fires in Emergency Diesel Generators Exciters During Operation Following Undetected Fuse Blowing
in96022 04/11/1996 Improper Equipment Settings Due to the Use of Nontemperature-Compensated Test Equipment
in96021 04/10/1996 Safety Concerns Related to the Design of the Door Interlock Circuit on Nucletron High-Dose Rate and Pulsed Dose Rate Remote Afterloading Brachytherapy Devices
in96020 04/04/1996 Demonstration of Associated Equipment Operability
in96019 04/02/1996 Failure of Tone Alert Radios to Activate When Receiving a Shortened Activation Signal
in96018 03/25/1996 Compliance with 10 CFR Part 20 for Airborne Thorium
in96017 03/18/1996 Reactor Operation Inconsistent with the Updated Final Safety Analysis Report
in96016 03/14/1996 Bwr Operation with Indicated Flow less than Natural Circulation
in96015 03/08/1996 Unexpected Plant Performance During Performance of New Surveillance Tests
in96014 03/01/1996 Degradation of Radwaste Facility Equipment at Millstone Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1
in96013 02/26/1996 Potential Containment Leak Paths Through Hydrogen Analyzers
in96012 02/15/1996 Control Rod Insertion Problems
in96011 02/14/1996 Ingress of Demineralizer Resins Increases Potential for Stress Corrosion Cracking of Control Rod Drive Mechanism Penetrations
in96010 02/13/1996 Potential Blockage by Debris of Safety System Piping Which Is Not Used During Normal Operation or Tested During Surveillances
in96009 02/12/1996 Damage in Foreign Steam Generator Internals
in96008 02/05/1996 Thermally Induced Pressure Locking of a High Pressure Coolant Injection Gate Valve
in96007 01/26/1996 Slow Five Percent Scram Insertion Times Caused by Viton Diaphragms in Scram Solenoid Pilot Valves
in96006 01/25/1996 Design and Testing Deficiencies of Tornado Dampers at Nuclear Power Plants
in96005 01/18/1996 Partial Bypass of Shutdown Cooling Flow from the Reactor Vessel
in96004 01/10/1996 Incident Reporting Requirements for Radiography Licensees
in96003 01/05/1996 Main Steam Safety Valve Setpoint Variation as a Result of Thermal Effects
in96002 01/05/1996 Inoperability of Power-Operated Relief Valves Masked by Downstream Indications
in96001 01/03/1996 Potential for High Post-Accident Closed-cycle
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