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Information Notices - 1994

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File Name Date Description
in94086s1 11/15/1995 Legal Actions Against Thermal Science, Inc., Manufacturer of Thermo-Lag
in94066s1 06/16/1995 Overspeed of Turbine-driven Pumps Caused by Binding in Stems of Governor Valves
in94061s1 05/25/1995 Corrosion of William Powell Gate Valve Disc Holders
in94064s1 04/06/1995 NRC Information Notice 94-64, Supplement 1: Reactivity Insertion Transient and Accident Limits for High Burnup Fuel
in94090 12/30/1994 Transient Resulting in a Reactor Trip and Multiple Safety Injection System Actuations at Salem
in94089 12/28/1994 Equipment Failures at Irradiator Facilities
in94088 12/23/1994 Inservice Inspection Deficiencies Result in Severely Degraded Steam Generator Tubes
in94087 12/22/1994 Unanticipated Crack in a Particular Heat of Alloy 600 Used for Westinghouse Mechanical Plugs for Steam Generator Tubes
in94086 12/22/1994 Legal Actions Against Thermal Science, Inc., Manufacturer of Thermo-Lag
in94084 12/04/1994 Air Entrainment in Terry Turbine Lubricating Oil System
in94085 12/21/1994 Problems with the Latching Mechanism in Potter and Brumfield R-10-E3286-2 Relays
in94040s1 12/15/1994 Failure of a Rod Control Cluster Assembly to Fully Insert Following a Reactor Trip at Braidwood Unit 2
in94083 12/06/1994 Reactor Trip Followed by Unexpected Events
in94082 12/05/1994 Concerns Regarding Essential Chiller Reliability During Periods of Low Cooling Water Temperature
in94013s2 11/28/1994 Unanticipated and Unintended Movement of Fuel Assemblies and Other Components Due to Improper Operation of Refueling Equipment
in94081 11/25/1994 Accuracy of Bioassay and Environmental Sampling Results
in94080 11/25/1994 Inadequate DC Ground Detection in Direct Current Distribution System
in94079 11/23/1994 Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion of Emergency Diesel Generator Service Water Piping
in94078 11/21/1994 Electrical Component Failure Due to Degradation of Polyvinyl Chloride Wire Insulation
in94077 11/17/1994 Malfunction in Main Generator Voltage Regulator Causing Overvoltage at Safety-related Electrical Equipment
in94076 10/26/1994 Recent Failures of Charging/safety Injection Pumps
in94075 10/14/1994 Minimum Temperature for Criticality
in94074 10/13/1994 Facility Management Responsibilities for Purchased or Contracted Services for Radiation Therapy Programs
in94073 10/12/1994 Clarification of Criticality Reporting Criteria
in94072 10/05/1994 Increased Control Rod Drop Time From Crud Buildup
in94071 10/04/1994 Degradation of Scram Solenoid Pilot Valve Pressure and Exhaust Diaphragms
in94070 09/29/1994 Issues Associated with Use of Strontium-90 and Other Beta Emitting Radiopharmaceuticals
in94069 09/28/1994 Potenial Inadequacies in the Prediction of Torque Requirements For and Torque output of Motor- Operated Butterfly Valves
in94068 09/27/1994 Safety-Related Equipment Failures Caused by Faulted Indicating Lamps
in94067 09/26/1994 Problems with Henry Pratt Motor-Operated Butter- Fly Valves
in94066 09/19/1994 Overspeed of Turbine-Driven Pumps Caused by Governor Valve Stem Binding
in94065 09/12/1994 Potential Error in Manual Brachytherapy Dose Calculations Generated Using a Computerized Treatment Planning System
in94064 08/31/1994 Reativity Insertion Transient and Accident Limits for High Burnup Fuel
in94063 08/30/1994 Boric Acid Corrosion of Charging Pump Casing Caused by Cladding Cracks.
in94062 08/30/1994 Operational Experience on Steam Generator Tube Leaks and Tube Ruptures
in94061 08/25/1994 Corrosion of William Powell Gate Valve Disc Holders
in94060 08/24/1994 Potential Overpressurization of Main Stream System
in94030s1 08/19/1994 Leaking Shutdown Cooling Isolation Valves at Cooper Nuclear Station
in94059 08/17/1994 Accelerated Dealloying of Cast Aluminum-Bronze Valves Caused by Microbiologically Induced Corrosion
in94058 08/16/1994 Reactor Coolant Pump Lube Oil Fire
in94057 08/12/1994 Debris in Containment and the Residual Heat Removal System
in94056 08/11/1994 Inaccuracy of Safety Valve Set Pressure Determination Using Assist Devices
in94055 08/04/1994 Problems with Copes-Vulcan Power-Operated Relief Valves
in94054 08/01/1994 Failures of General Electric Magne-Blast Circuit Breakers to Latch Closed
in94053 07/18/1994 Hydrogen Gas Burn Inside Pressurizer During Welding
in94052 07/15/1994 Inadvertent Containment Spray and Reactor Vessel Draindown at Millstone Unit 1
in94051 07/15/1994 Inappropriate Greasing of Double Shielded Motor Bearings
in94050 07/14/1994 Failure of General Electric Contactors to Pull in at the Required Voltage
in94049 07/06/1994 Failure of Torque Switch Roll Pins
in94048 06/30/1994 Snubber Lubricant Degradation in High-Temperature Environments
in94013s1 06/28/1994 Unanticipated & Unintended Movement - Fuel Assemblies & Other Components Due - Improper Operation of Refueling Equipment
in94047 06/21/1994 Accuracy of Information Provided to NRC During the Licensing Process
in94046 06/20/1994 Nonconservative Reactor Coolant System Leakage Calculation
in94045 06/17/1994 Potential Common-Mode Failure Mechanism for Large Vertical Pumps
in94044 06/16/1994 Main Steam Isolation Valve Failure To Close On Demand Because Of Inadequate Maintenance And Testing
in94043 06/10/1994 Determination of Primary-to-Secondary Steam Generator Leak Rate
in94042 06/07/1994 Cracking in the Lower Region of the Core Shroud in Boiling-water Reactors
in94041 06/07/1994 Problems With General Electric Type CR124 Overload Relay Ambient Compensation
in94040 05/26/1994 Failure of a Rod Control Cluster Assembly to Fully Insert Following a Reactor Trip at Braidwood Unit 2
in94039 05/31/1994 Identified Problems in Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery
in94038 05/27/1994 Results of a Special NRC Inspection at Dresden ... Unit 1 Following a Rupture of Service Water Inside Containment
in94037 05/27/1994 Misadministration Caused By a Bent Interstitial Needle During Brachytherapy Procedure
in94036 05/24/1994 Undetected Accumulation of Gas in Reactor Coolant System
in94035 05/16/1994 NIOSH Respirator User Notices, "Inadvertent Separation of the MMR From the Facepiece of MSA Company MMR SCBA and Status"
in94034 05/13/1994 Thermo-Lag 330-660 Flexi-Blanket Ampacity Derating Concerns
in94033 05/09/1994 Capacitor Failures in Westinghouse Eagle 21 Plant Protection Systems
in94032 04/29/1994 Revised Seismic Hazard Estimates
in94014s1 04/14/1997 Failure to Implement Requirements for Biennial Medical Examinations and Notification to Nrc of Changes in Medical Condition of Licensed Operators
in94031 04/14/1994 Potential Failure of Wilco, Lexan-Type HN-4-L Fire Hose Nozzles
in94030 04/12/1994 Leaking Shutdown Cooling Isolation Valves at Cooper Nuclear Station
in94029 04/11/1994 Charging Pump Trip During a Loss-of-Coolant Event Caused by Low Suction Pressure
in94028 04/05/1994 Potential Problems With Fire-Barrier Penetration Seals
in94027 03/31/1994 Facility Operating Concerns Resulting From Local Area Flooding
in94026 03/28/1994 Personnel Hazards and Other Problems From Smoldering Fire-Retardant Material in the Drywell of a Boiling-Water Reactor
in94025 03/25/1994 Failure of Containment Spray Header Valve to Open Due to Excessive Pressure From Inertial Effects of Water
in94024 03/24/1994 Inadequate Maintenance of Uninterruptable Power Supplies and Inverters
in94023 03/25/1994 Guidance to hazardous, Radioactive and Mixed Waste Generators on the Elements of a Waste Minimization Program
in94021 03/18/1994 Regulatory Requirements When No Operations Are Being Performed
in94020 03/17/1994 Common-Cause Failures Due to Inadequate Design Control and Dedication
in94019 03/16/1994 Emergency Diesel Generator Vulnerability to Failure From Cold Fuel Oil
in94022 03/16/1994 Fire Endurance and Ampacity Derating Test Results for 3-hour Fire-Rated Thermo-Lag 330-1 Fire Barriers
in94018 03/16/1994 Accuracy of Motor-Operated Valve Diagnostic Equipment (Responses to Supplement 5 to Generic Letter 89-10)
in94017 03/11/1994 Strontium-90 Eye Applicators: Submission of Quality Management Plan (QMP), Calibration, and Use
in94016 03/03/1994 Recent Incidents Resulting in Offsite Contamination
in94015 03/02/1994 Radiation Exposures During an Event Involving a Fixed Nuclear Gauge
in94014 02/24/1994 Failure to Implement ... Biennial Medical Examinations & Notification ... Changes in Licened Operator Medical Conditions
in94013 02/22/1994 Unanticipated & Unintended Movement - Fuel Assemblies & Other Components Due - Improper Operation of Refueling Equipment
in94012 02/09/1994 Insights Gained From Resolving Generic Issue 57: Effects of Fire Protection System Actuation on Safety-Related Equipment
in94011 02/08/1994 Turbine Overspeed and Reactor Cooldown During Shutdown Evolution
in94010 02/04/1994 Failure of Motor-Operated Valve Electric Power Train Due to Sheared or Dislodged Motor Pinion Gear Key
in94009 02/03/1994 Release of Patients With Residual Radioactivity From Medical Treatment and Control Areas ... Revised 10 CFR Part 20
in94008 02/01/1994 Potential For Surveillance Testing to Fail to Detect an Inoperable Main Steam Isolation Valve
in94007 01/28/1994 Solubility Criteria For Liquid Effluent Releases to Sanitary Sewerage Under the Revised 10 CFR Part 20
in94006 01/28/1994 Potential Failure of Long-Term Emergency Nitrogen Supply For the Automatic Depressurization System Valves
in94005 01/19/1994 Potential Failure of Steam Generator Tubes With Kinetically Welded Sleeves
in94004 01/14/1994 Digital Integrated Circuit Sockets With Intermittent Contact
in94003 01/11/1994 Deficiencies Identified During Service Water System Operational Performance Inspections
in94002 01/07/1994 Inoperability of General Electric Magne-blast
in94001 01/07/1994 Turbine Blade Failure Caused by Torsional Excitation from Electrical System Disturbance
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