United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Information Notices - 1981

File Name Date Description
in81037r1 02/09/1982 Unnecessary Radiation Exposures to the Public and Workers During Events Involving Thickness and Level Measuring Devices
in81039 12/23/1981 EPA Crosscheck Program – Low Level Radioiodine in Water Intercomparison Study
in81038 12/17/1981 Potentially Significant Equipment Failures Resulting from Contamination of Air-Operated Systems
in81037 12/15/1981 Unnecessary Radiation Exposures to the Public and Workers During Events Involving Thickness and Level Measuring Devices
in81036 12/03/1981 Replacement Diaphragms for Robertshaw Valve (Model No. VC-210)
in81035 12/02/1981 Check Valve Failures
in81030 09/28/1981 Velan Swing Check Valves
in81029 09/24/1981 Equipment Qualification Testing Experience
in81028 09/03/1981 Failure of Rockwell-Edward Main Steam Isolation Valves
in81027 09/03/1981 Flammable Gas Mixtures in the Waste Gas Decay Tanks in PWR Plants
in81026 08/28/1981 Compilation of Health Physics Related Information Items
in81025 08/24/1981 Open Equalizing Valve of Differential Pressure Transmitter Causes Reactor Scram and Loss of Redundant Safety Signals
in81024 08/05/1981 Auxiliary Feed Pump Turbine Bearing Failures
in81023 08/04/1981 Fuel Assembly Damaged Due to Improper Positioning of Handling Equipment
in81022 07/31/1981 Section 235 and 236 Amendments to the Atomic Energy Act of 1954
in81021 07/21/1981 Potential Loss of Direct Access to Ultimate Heat Sink
in81026s1 07/19/1982 Clarification of Placement of Personnel Monitoring Devices for External Radiation
in81020 07/13/1981 Test Failures of Electrical Penetration Assemblies
in81019 07/06/1981 Lost Parts in Primary Coolant System
in81018 06/23/1981 Excessive Radiation Exposures to the Fingers...During Cleaning and Wipe Testing of...Sealed Sources at a...Mfg. Facility
in81016 04/23/1981 Control Rod Drive System Malfunctions
in81015 04/22/1981 Degradation of Automatic ECCS Actuation Capability by Isolation of Instrument Lines
in81014 04/07/1981 Potential Overstress of Shafts on Fisher Series 9200 Butterfly Valves with Expandable T Rings
in81013 04/14/1981 Jammed Source Rack in a Gamma Irradiator
in81012 03/31/1981 Guidance on Order Issued January 9, 1981 Regarding Automatic Control Rod Insertion on Low Control Air Pressure
in81011 03/30/1981 Alternate Rod Insertion for BWR Scram Represents a Potential Path for Loss of Primary Coolant
in81009 03/26/1981 Degradation of Residual Heat Removal (RHR) System
in81010 03/25/1981 Inadvertent Containment Spray Due to Personnel Error
in81008 03/20/1981 Repetitive Failures of Limitorque Operator SMB-4 Motor-to-Shaft Key
in81007 03/16/1981 Potential Problem with Water-Soluble Purge Dam Materials Used During Inert Gas Welding
in81006 03/11/1981 Failure of ITE Model K-600 Circuit Breaker
in81005 03/10/1981 Degraded DC System at Palisades
in81004 02/27/1981 Cracking in Main Steam Lines
in81003 02/12/1981 Checklist for Licensees Making Notifications of Significant Events in Accordance with 10 CFR 50.72
in81002 01/23/1981 Transportation of Radiography Devices
in81001 01/16/1981 Possible Failures of General Electric Type HFA Relays
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