United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Information Notices - 1979

File Name Date Description
in79036 12/31/1979 Computer Code Defect in Stress Analysis of Piping Elbow
in79035 12/31/1979 Control of Maintenance and Essential Equipment
in79037 12/28/1979 Cracking in Low Pressure Turbine Discs
in79034 12/27/1979 Inadequate Design of Safety-Related Heat Exchangers
in79033 12/21/1979 Improper Closure of Primary Containment Access Hatches
in79032 12/18/1979 Separation of Electrical Cables for HPCI and ADS
in79031 12/11/1979 Use of Incorrect Amplified Response Spectra (ARS)
in79030 12/04/1979 Reporting of Defects and Noncompliance, 10 CFR Part 21
in79029 11/16/1979 Loss of Nonsafety-Related Reactor Coolant System Instrumentation During Operation
in79028 11/16/1979 Overloading of Structural Elements Due to Pipe Support Loads
in79027 11/16/1979 Steam Generator Tube Ruptures at Two PWR Facilities
in79012a 11/08/1979 Attempted Damage to New Fuel Assemblies
in79026 11/01/1979 Breach of Containment Integrity
in79025 09/28/1979 Reactor Trips at Turkey Point Units 3 and 4
in79023 09/25/1979 Emergency Diesel Generator Lube Oil Coolers
in79024 09/23/1979 Overpressurization of Containment of a PWR Plant after a Main Steam Line Break
in79022 09/14/1979 Qualification of Control Systems
in79021 09/05/1979 Transportation and Commercial Burial of Radioactive Materials
in79020r1 09/01/1979 NRC Enforcement Policy – NRC Licensed Individuals
in79020 08/10/1979 NRC Enforcement Policy – NRC Licensed Individuals
in79019 07/17/1979 Pipe Cracks in Stagnant Borated Water Systems at PWR Plants
in79018 07/05/1979 Skylab Reentry
in79017 06/18/1979 Source Holder Assembly Damage from Misfit between Assembly and Reactor Upper Grid Plate
in79016 06/15/1979 Nuclear Incident at Three Mile Island
in79015 06/07/1979 Deficient Procedures –
in79014 06/04/1979 Safety Classification of Electrical Cable Support Systems
in79013 05/29/1979 Indication of Low Water Level in the Oyster Creek Reactor
in79012 05/10/1979 Attempted Damage to New Fuel Assemblies
in79011 05/04/1979 Lower Reactor Vessel Head Insulation Support Problem
in79010 04/11/1979 Nonconforming Pipe Support Struts
in79009 03/30/1979 Spill of Radioactively Contaminated Resin
in79008 03/28/1979 Interconnection of Contaminated Systems with Service Air Systems Used as the Source of Breathing Air
in79007 03/23/1979 Rupture of Radwaste Tanks
in79006 03/22/1979 Stress Analysis of Safety-Related Piping
in79005 03/16/1979 Use of Improper Materials in Safety-Related Components
in79004 02/14/1979 Degradation of Engineered Safety Features
in79003 02/06/1979 Limitorque Valve Geared Limit Switch Lubricant
in79002 02/02/1979 Attempted Extortion – Low Enriched Uranium
in79001 01/31/1979 Bergen-Paterson Hydraulic Shock and Sway Arrestor
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