United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Circulars - 1981 Index

File Name Date Description
cr81015 12/08/1981 Unnecessary Radiation Exposures to the Public and Workers During Events Involving Thickness and Level Measuring Devices
cr81014 11/05/1981 Main Steam Isolation Valve Failures to Close
cr81013 09/25/1981 Torque Switch Electrical Bypass Circuit for Safeguard Service Valve Motors
cr81012 07/22/1981 Inadequate Periodic Test Procedure of PWR Reactor Protection System
cr81011 07/24/1981 Inadequate Decay Heat Removal During Reactor Shutdown
cr81010 07/02/1981 Steam Voiding in the Reactor Coolant System During Decay Heat Removal Cooldown
cr81009 07/10/1981 Containment Effluent Water that Bypasses Radioactivity Monitor
cr81008 05/29/1981 Foundation Materials
cr81007 05/14/1981 Control of Radioactively Contaminated Material
cr81006 04/14/1981 Potential Deficiency Affecting Certain Foxboro 10 to 50 Milliampere Transmitters
cr81005 03/31/1981 Self-Aligning Rod End Bushings for Pipe Supports
cr81004 04/30/1981 The Role of Shift Technical Advisors and Importance of Reporting Operational Events
cr81003 03/02/1981 Inoperable Seismic Monitoring Instrumentation
cr81002 02/09/1981 Performance of NRC-Licensed Individuals while on Duty
cr81001 01/23/1981 Design Problems Involving Indicating Pushbutton Switches Manufactured by Honeywell Incorporated
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