United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Circulars - 1980 Index

File Name Date Description
cr80025 12/05/1980 Case Histories of Radiography Events
cr80024 12/02/1980 AECL Teletherapy Unit Malfunction
cr80023 10/31/1980 Potential Defects in Beloit Power Systems Emergency Generators
cr80022 10/02/1980 Confirmation of Employee Qualifications
cr80021 09/10/1980 Regulation of Refueling Crews
cr80018 08/22/1980 10 CFR 50.59 Safety Evaluations for Changes to Radioactive Waste Treatment Systems
cr80020 08/21/1980 Changes in Safe-Slab Tank Dimensions
cr80019 08/18/1980 Noncompliance with License Requirements for Medical Licensees
cr80017 07/23/1980 Fuel Pin Damage Due to Water Jet from Baffle Plate Corner
cr80016 06/27/1980 Operational Deficiencies in Rosemount Model 510DU Trip Units and Model 1152 Pressure Transmitters
cr80014 06/24/1980 Radioactive Contamination of Plant Demineralized Water System and Resultant Internal Contamination of Personnel
cr80015 06/20/1980 Loss of Reactor Coolant Pump Cooling and Natural Circulation Cooldown
cr80013 05/28/1980 Grid Strap Damage in Westinghouse Fuel Assemblies
cr80012 05/14/1980 Valve-Shaft-to-Actuator Key May Fall Out of Place when Mounted Below Horizontal Axis
cr80011 05/13/1980 Emergency Diesel Generator Lube Oil Cooler Failures
cr80010 04/29/1980 Failure to Maintain Environmental Qualification of Equipment
cr80009 04/28/1980 Problems with Plant Internal Communications Systems
cr80008 04/18/1980 BWR Technical Specification Inconsistency - RPS Response Time
cr80006 04/14/1980 Control and Accountability Systems for Implant Therapy Sources
cr80007 04/03/1980 Problems with HPCI Turbine Oil System
cr80005 04/01/1980 Emergency Diesel-Generator Lubricating Oil Addition and Onsite Supply
cr80004 03/14/1980 Securing of Threaded Locking Devices on Safety-Related Equipment
cr80003 03/06/1980 Protection from Toxic Gas Hazards
cr80002 02/01/1980 Nuclear Power Plant Staff Work Hours
cr80001 01/17/1980 Service Advice for GE Induction Disc Relays
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