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Circulars - 1977 Index

File Name Date Description
cr77016 12/09/1977 Emergency Diesel Generator Electrical Trip Lock-Out Features
cr77015 11/28/1977 Degradation of Fuel Oil Flow to the Emergency Diesel Generator
cr77014 11/22/1977 Separation of Contaminated Water Systems from Noncontaminated Plant Systems
cr77013 09/22/1977 Reactor Safety Signals Negated During Testing
cr77012 09/15/1977 Dropped Fuel Assemblies at BWR Facilities
cr77011 09/02/1977 Leakage of Containment Isolation Valves with Resilient Seats
cr77010 07/15/1977 Vacuum Conditions Resulting in Damage to Liquid Process Tanks
cr77009 05/25/1977 Improper Fuse Coordination in BWR Standby Liquid Control System Control Circuits
cr77008 04/13/1977 Failure of Feedwater Sample Probe
cr77007 04/12/1977 Short Period During Reactor Startup
cr77006 04/01/1977 Effects of Hydraulic Fluid on Electrical Cables
cr77005 03/24/1977 Fluid Entrapment in Valve Bonnets
cr77004 03/17/1977 Inadequate Lock Assemblies
cr77003 02/28/1977 Fire Inside a Motor Control Center
cr77002a 02/18/1977 Potential Heavy Spring Flooding (CP)
cr77002 02/15/1977 Potential Heavy Spring Flooding (OL)
cr77001 01/04/1977 Malfunctions of Limitorque Valve Operators
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