United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Bulletins: 1977 Index

File Name Date Description
BL-77-08 12/28/1977 Assurance of Safety and Safeguards During an Emergency – Locking Systems
BL-77-07 12/19/1977 Containment Electrical Penetration Assemblies at Nuclear Power Plants under Construction
BL-77-06 11/22/1977 Potential Problems with Containment Electrical Penetration Assemblies
BL-77-05a 11/14/1977 Electrical Connector Assemblies
BL-77-05 11/08/1977 Electrical Connector Assemblies
BL-77-04 11/04/1977 Calculational Error Affecting ...Performance of a System for Controlling pH of Containment Sump Water Following a LOCA
BL-77-03 09/12/1977 On-Line Testing of the Westinghouse W Solid State Protection System (SSPS)
BL-77-02 09/12/1977 Potential Failure Mechanism in Certain Westinghouse (W) AR Relays with Latch Attachments
BL-77-01 04/29/1977 Pneumatic Time Delay Relay Setpoint Drift
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