United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Bulletins: 1976 Index

File Name Date Description
BL-76-08 08/09/1976 Teletherapy Units
BL-76-07 07/27/1976 Crane Hoist Control Circuit Modifications
BL-76-06 07/21/1976 Diaphragm Failures in Air Operated Auxiliary Actuators for Safety/Relief Valves
BL-76-05 04/02/1976 Relay Failures – Westinghouse BFD Relays
BL-76-04 03/30/1976 Cracks in Cold Worked Piping at BWRs
BL-76-03 03/15/1976 Relay Malfunctions – GE Type STD Relays
BL-76-02 03/12/1976 Relay Coil Failures – GE Type HFA, HGA, HKA, HMA Relays
BL-76-01 03/09/1976 BWR Isolation Condenser Tube Failure
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