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Summary - Examples of Violations Involving Operators' Licenses

On May 19, 1999, the Commission published a revision to the Enforcement Policy to conform to the amendments to the regulations that govern operators' licenses published in the Federal Register as a separate action. Those amendments allow nuclear power facility licensees to prepare, proctor, and grade the written examinations and prepare the operating tests that the NRC uses to evaluate the competence of individuals applying for operator licenses at the facility licensees' plants. Moreover, the amendment requires facility licensees that elect to prepare their own examinations to establish, implement, and maintain procedures to control examination security and integrity, and it clarifies the regulations to ensure that applicants, licensees, and facility licensees understand what it means to compromise the integrity of a required test or examination. Therefore, the Enforcement Policy was amended to add examples of violations that may be used as guidance in determining the appropriate severity level for violations involving the compromise of applications, tests, and examinations.


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