United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Summary - Aggregation; Civil Penalty Adjustment Factors; Purpose of Enforcement Conference; Added Supplement VIII - Emergency Preparedness

In a March 8, 1984 revision to the Policy, the Commission made several minor changes, most involving clarification of practice. Language was added to reflect the practice of evaluating several violations in the aggregate and assigning a single severity level to the group. The enforcement conference (EC) discussion was expanded to delineate the purpose of the ECs and the information to be discussed at ECs. Percentages were increased for CP adjustment factors. Based on the decisions in Consolidated X-Ray and Atlantic Research , the Policy was modified to state that, while a CP could be increased for management involvement, the lack of management involvement was not considered a basis for CP reduction. Finally, a new supplement was added, giving examples of violations in the area of Emergency Preparedness.
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