United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Summary - Gaseous Diffusion Plants; NRC Organizational Changes; Commission Consultation

On February 12, 1997, the Commission published revisions to the Enforcement Policy that were consistent with the Commission's final rule amending regulations governing Gaseous Diffusion Plants (GDPs). Table 1A was modified to add GDPs to category "a" such that the base civil penalty for a Severity Level I violation at a GDP would be $110,000 and Supplement VI was modified to provide additional examples for categorizing severity levels of violations. In addition, the Policy was amended to reflect recent NRC organizational changes. The changes redesignate which NRC officials are delegated the responsibility for performing certain enforcement functions. Section III was modified to clarify that Commission consultation was appropriate if the staff proposed to impose a civil penalty for a single violation or problem that is greater than 3 times the Severity level I value shown in Table 1A for that class of licensee.


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