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Commission Meetings, Slides, Transcripts, Meeting SRMs, and Full Written Explanation for Closed Meetings for 2000

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Date Description
12/22/2000 Affirmation Session
12/21/2000 Affirmation Session
12/20/2000 Affirmation Session
12/20/2000 Briefing on the Status of the Fuel Cycle Facility Oversight Program Revision (SECY-00-0222)
12/04/2000 Affirmation Session
12/04/2000 Commission Briefing on License Renewal Documents
11/27/2000 Affirmation Session
11/27/2000 Briefing by DOE on Plutonium Disposition Program and MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility Licensing
11/17/2000 Affirmation Session
11/17/2000 Briefing on Risk-Informed Regulation Implementation Plan
10/23/2000 Affirmation Session
10/06/2000 Affirmation Session
10/06/2000 Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
09/29/2000 Briefing on Risk-Informing Special Treatment Requirements
09/13/2000 Affirmation Session
08/30/2000 Affirmation Session
08/24/2000 Affirmation Session
08/21/2000 Affirmation Session
08/15/2000 NRC Staff Briefing on NRC International Activities
08/01/2000 Affirmation Session
07/25/2000 Affirmation Session
07/10/2000 Briefing on Proposed Export of High Enriched Uranium to Canada
07/10/2000 Affirmation Session
06/21/2000 NRC All Employee Meeting (afternoon session)
06/21/2000 NRC All Employee Meeting (morning session)
06/20/2000 Briefing on Risk-Informed Part 50, Option 3
06/20/2000 Briefing on the Final Rule -- Part 70 Regulating Fuel Cycle Facilities
06/20/2000 Affirmation Session
06/13/2000 Meeting with Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO) and State Department
06/13/2000 Meeting with Organization of Agreement States (OAS) and Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD)
06/13/2000 Affirmation Session
05/25/2000 Commission Briefing on Improvements to 10 CFR 2.206 Petition Process
05/25/2000 Affirmation Session
05/25/2000 Commission Briefing on Status of Regional Programs, Performance, and Plans
05/25/2000 Commission Briefing on Operating Reactors and Fuel Facilities
05/09/2000 Meeting with Stakeholders on Efforts Regarding Release of Solid Material
05/08/2000 Briefing on Lessons Learned from the Nuclear Criticality Accident at Tokai-Mura and the Implications on the NRC's Program
05/03/2000 Briefing on Efforts Regarding Release of Solid Materials
05/03/2000 Affirmation Session - A: Final Rule: Revision of Part 50, Appendix K, "ECCS Evaluation Models"
05/02/2000 Briefing on Oconee License Renewal
03/31/2000 Briefing on Risk-Informed Regulation Implementation Plan
03/30/2000 Briefing on EEO Program
03/30/2000 Affirmation Session
03/24/2000 Briefing on Evaluation of the Requirement for Licensee to Update Their Inservice Inspection and Inservice Testing Program Every 120 Months
03/07/2000 Briefing on Improvements in the Reactor Oversight Process
03/03/2000 Briefing on Calvert Cliffs License Renewal
03/02/2000 Affirmation Session
03/02/2000 Meeting with ACRS on Risk Informing 10 CFR Part 50
02/29/2000 Briefing on Draft 50.59 Regulatory Guide
02/23/2000 Briefing on Status of Spent Fuel Projects
02/11/2000 Briefing on Status of NMSS Programs, Performance and Plans
02/10/2000 Briefing on the Status of CFO Programs, Performance, and Plans
02/10/2000 Affirmation Session
02/09/2000 Briefing Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
01/21/2000 Briefing on Native American, State of Nevada, and Affected Units of Local Governments Representative Responses to DOE's Draft Environmental Impact Statement for a Proposed HLW Geologic Repository
01/20/2000 Briefing on Status of CIO Programs Performance and Plans
01/12/2000 Briefing on Status of NRR Programs, Performance, and Plans
01/10/2000 Briefing on the D.C. Cook Plant
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