United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

§ 74.55 Item monitoring.

(a) Licensees subject to § 74.51 shall provide the detection capability described in paragraph (b) of this section for laboratory samples containing less than 0.05 formula kilograms of SSNM and any uniquely identified items of SSNM that have been quantitatively measured, the validity of that measurement independently confirmed, and that additionally have been either:

(1) Tamper-safed or placed in a vault or controlled access area that provides protection at least equivalent to tamper-safing; or

(2) Sealed such that removal of SSNM would be readily and permanently apparent (e.g., encapsulated).

(b) The licensee shall verify on a statistical sampling basis, the presence and integrity of SSNM items. The statistical sampling plan must have at least 99 percent power of detecting item losses that total five formula kilograms or more, plant-wide, within:

(1) Thirty calendar days for Category IA items and 60 calendar days for Category IB items contained in a vault or in a permanently controlled access area isolated from the rest of the material access area (MAA);

(2) Three working days for Category IA items and seven calendar days for Category BI items located elsewhere in the MAA, except for reactor components measuring at least one meter in length and weighing in excess of 30 kilograms for which the time interval shall be 30 calendar days;

(3) Sixty calendar days for items in a permanently controlled access area outside of an MAA; or

(4) Sixty calendar days for samples in a vault or permanently controlled access area and 30 calendar days for samples elsewhere in the MAA for samples each containing less than 0.05 formula kilograms of SSNM.

(c) Items containing scrap in the form of small pieces, cuttings, chips, solutions, or in other forms that result from a manufacturing process, held in containers of 30 gallon or larger, with an SSNM concentration of less than 0.25 grams per liter are exempt from the requirements of paragraph (b) of this section.

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