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§ 7.22 Fiscal and administrative responsibilities.

(a) The Office of the Chief Financial Officer shall keep such records as will fully disclose the disposition of any funds that may be at the disposal of NRC advisory committees.

(b) The Office of Information Services shall keep such records as will fully disclose the nature and extent of activities of NRC advisory committees.

(c) NRC shall provide support services (including staff support and meeting space) for each advisory committee established by or reporting to it unless the establishing authority provides otherwise. Where any such advisory committee reports to another agency in addition to NRC, only one agency shall be responsible for support services at any one time, and the establishing authority shall designate the agency responsible for providing such services.

[54 FR 26948, June 27, 1989, as amended at 63 FR 15742, Apr. 1, 1998; 70 FR 69421, Nov. 16, 2005]

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