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Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) 2014 Letter Reports

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Date Title Response
09/15/2014 Generic Letter 20XX-XX, "Monitoring of Neutron-Absorbing Materials in Spent Fuel Pools"  
09/11/2014 SECY-14-0087, Qualitative Consideration of Factors in the Development of Regulatory Analyses and Backfit Analyses  
09/10/2014 Revision to 10 CFR Part 71 No Response Required
09/10/2014 Supplemental Safety Evaluation Report No Response Required
09/09/2014 ACRS Review of Interim Staff Guidance  
09/09/2014 Draft Regulatory Guides 1312 and 1305 No Response Required
09/09/2014 Proposed Branch Technical Position No Response Required
09/09/2014 Proposed Generic Letter No Response Required
08/06/2014 Draft Final Design Specific Review Standard for mPower iPWR Chapter 7, Instrumentation and Control Systems  
08/05/2014 Proposed Revision for 10 CFR 50.55a to Incorporate by Reference IEEE Standard 603-2009, "IEEE Standard Criteria for Safety Systems for Nuclear Power Generating Stations" dated August 5, 2014  
07/28/2014 Draft NUREG-1520, Revision 2 No Response Required
07/28/2014 Proposed New Standard Review Plan Section No Response Required
07/28/2014 Proposed Revisions to Draft Regulatory Guides No Response Required
07/28/2014 Proposed Revisions to South Texas Project, Units 3 and 4 Combined License Application Safety Evaluation Report No Response Required
07/17/2014 Draft Final Rule: ESBWR Design Certification No Response Required
07/18/2014 Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station Units 2 And 3 Extended Power Uprate License Amendment Request 08/12/14
07/16/2014 Standard Review Plan Chapter 19 and Section 17.4 08/28/14
06/19/2014 Revised Fuel Cycle Oversight Process 07/25/14
06/13/2014 Draft Final Regulatory Guide 1.193 No Response Required
06/13/2014 Draft Regulatory Guide 1.105 No Response Required
06/13/2014 Proposed Generic Issue Pertaining to the Dispersal of Fuel Particles During a Loss-of-Coolant Accident No Response Required
05/22/2014 SECY-14-0016, "Ongoing Staff Activities to Assess Regulatory Considerations for Power Reactor Subsequent License Renewal"  
05/14/2014 Human Reliability Analysis Models 06/25/14
05/09/2014 Draft Final Regulatory Guide 8.20, Revision 2 No Response Required
04/21/2014 Credit for Containment Accident Pressure to Ensure Operation of US-APWR Emergency Core Cooling System Pumps 06/25/14
04/18/2014 Draft Final Regulatory Guides – 1.60, Revision 2 and 3.50, Revision 2 No Response Required
04/18/2014 Withdrawal of Regulatory Guides – 1.37, 3.28, and 3.29 No Response Required
04/17/2014 Supplemental Final Safety Evaluation Report on the General Electric-Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) Application For Certification of the Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR) Design 05/27/14
04/15/2014 Review and Evaluation of the NRC Safety Research Program 07/09/14
03/14/2014 Chapters 3 (Partial), 9, and 14 of the Safety Evaluation Report with Open Items for the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant, Units 3 and 4, US-APWR Reference Combined License Application 04/17/14
03/13/2014 Chapters 3 (Partial) and 14 of the Safety Evaluation Report with Open Items for Certification of the US-APWR Design 04/17/14
02/19/2014 Draft Final Regulatory Guides No Response Required 
02/19/2014 Proposed Regulatory Guide DG-1289 No Response Required 
02/19/2014 South Texas Project Combined License Application (COLA) and Revised Safety Evaluation Report No Response Required 
02/19/2014 10 CFR Part 61 – Revisions to Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Requirements 03/20/14
02/18/2014 Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant Maximum Extended Load Line Limit Analysis Plus (MELLLA+) License Amendment Request 03/20/14
02/12/2014 Proposed Rulemaking on Station Blackout Mitigation Strategies 04/10/14
01/06/2014 Safety Evaluation of US-APWR Topical Report MUAP-07001, Revision 5, "The Advanced Accumulator" 02/11/14
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