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Application Review Schedule for the Combined License Application for Vogtle, Units 3 and 4

The following table summarizes the key milestones in the schedule that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has established for its review of the application that Southern Nuclear Operating Company (SNC) submitted to obtain a combined license (COL) for two Westinghouse Advanced Passive 1000 (AP1000) pressurized-water reactors (PWRs) designated as Vogtle, Units 3 and 4.

Detailed Review Schedule for COL Application: On August 02, 2011, the staff issued the revised safety review schedule for Southern Nuclear Operating Company (SNC)'s combined license (COL) application for the Vogtle Electric Generating Plant (VEGP) Units 3 and 4. The NRC revised the safety review schedule to reflect the revised review schedule for the AP1000 design certification amendment. The previous projected completion date for the Vogtle final safety evaluation report (FSER) was June 2011. The new projected completion date for the Vogtle FSER is August 2011.

Key Milestones Completion Date
Actual - A
Target - T
Application Tendered 03/31/08 - A
Acceptance Review
Acceptance Review Start
04/07/08 - A*
Docketing Decision Letter Issued/Acceptance Review Complete
05/30/08 - A
Review Schedule Established/Schedule Letter Issued to Applicant
06/27/08 - A
Safety Review
Phase 1 - Requests for Additional Information (RAIs) Issued to Applicant
01/14/09 - A
Phase 2 - Supplemental RAIs
07/22/09 - A
Phase 3 - ACRS Review of SER with Open Items Complete
Phase 4 - Advanced SER with no Open Items Issued
12/01/10 - A
Phase 5 - ACRS Review of SER with no Open Items Complete
03/03/11 - A
Phase 6 - Final SER Issued
08/11 - T
Environmental Review
Environmental impact statement (EIS) summary report issued
U.S. EPA issuance of FR Notice of Availability of Draft SEIS
09/10/10 - A
Public Comment Period for Draft Supplemental EIS ends
11/24/10 - A
U.S. EPA issuance of FR Notice of Availability of Final SEIS
04/01/11 - A
Mandatory Hearing Complete
12/11 - T***
Commission decision on issuance of COL application

* Acceptance review start date is consistent with the guidance provided in RIS 2008-01.

** 10 CFR 51.26(d) states that scoping is not required for a supplement to an EIS for a COL application that is submitted following a submittal of an early site permit application.

*** The target date for completion of the mandatory hearing is based on guidance in the SRM for SECY-10-0082, dated December 23, 2010. The SRM states that the objective for completing the mandatory hearing will be four months after the issuance of the FSER or Final Environmental Impact Statement. The target date assumes that the AP1000 design certification amendment rulemaking affirmation will be completed prior to the December 2011 target date for completion of the mandatory hearing.

Information on Federal Register notices for receipt of the application and opportunity to request a hearing or petition to intervene can be found on the Hearing Opportunities page.

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