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Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP)

Sponsor:   Department of Energy (DOE)

Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP)
Designer:   To be determined (TBD)

Reactor Power:   TBD

Electrical Output:   TBD

Outlet Conditions:   >750°C

Coolant:   Gas-cooled

Fuel Design:   Prismatic

Refueling:   TBD

Letter of Intent:   See NGNP Licensing Strategy Report to Congress exit icon (August 2008)

Licensing Plan:   Combined License

Expected Submittal:   None

Design Information:   DOE is currently selecting which reactor design will be used for the NGNP. NGNP is part of the Generation IV program.

Status/Other Info:   Required by Energy Policy Act of 2005. The staff has been working with DOE on the licensing strategy for the plant and provided the NGNP Licensing Strategy Report to Congress exit icon in August 2008.

Website:   http://www.ne.doe.gov/neri/neneriresearch.html exit icon
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