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Hyperion Power Module (HPM)

Designer:   Hyperion Power Generation, Inc.

Hyperion Power Module (HPM)
Reactor Power:   70 MWt

Electrical Output:   25 MWe

Outlet Conditions:   500C

Coolant:   Lead-bismuth eutectic, primary and secondary loops

Fuel Design:   Stainless steel clad uranium nitride

Refueling:   Entire reactor module replaced every 7 to 10 years

Licensing Plan:   Combined License (prototypical design) and/or Design Certification

Design Information:   The HPM is sealed at the factory, sited underground, and eventually returned to the factory for waste and fuel disposition after a useful life of seven to ten years. The principle materials in the core are uranium nitride (UN) fuel, stainless steel as the structural material, lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) as the coolant, quartz as the radial reflector, B4C rods and pellets for in-core reactivity control and shutdown. The LBE permits ambient pressure operation of core, eliminating pressure vessel requirements.

Status/Other Info:   The outer diameter of the entire reactor system, including the outer reflector and coolant downcomer, is limited to 1.5 m to be able to seal the reactor vessel system at the fabrication facility and transport it to the site in a conventional nuclear fuel shipping cask. The total mass of the reactor vessel with fuel and coolant is <20 metric tons.

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