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Super-Safe, Small and Simple (4S)

Designer:   Toshiba Corporation

Super-Safe, Small and Simple (4S)
Reactor Power:   30 MWt

Electrical Output:   10 MWe

Outlet Conditions:   510°C

Coolant:   Liquid-metal (sodium)

Fuel Design:   18 hexagonal fuel assemblies - U-10%Zr Alloy with 19.9% enrichment

Refueling:   30 years

Letter of Intent:   Updated February 8, 2012

Licensing Plan:   Design Approval

Expected Submittal:   Date Unspecified

Design Information:   Small, sodium-cooled, underground reactor

Website:   http://www.toshiba.co.jp/nuclearenergy/english/business/4s/introduction.htm exit icon


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