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Information Collection Requirements

Voluntary or mandatory requests for reports, information, or recordkeeping imposed on the public/licensees must be submitted to and approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) before imposing the requirement. Notification of an OMB information collection request must be posted for 60 days to allow public comment. You may submit your comments by using our Web-based comment form or mail your comments to:

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Office of Information Services
Information Services Branch
ATTN: NRC Clearance Officer, Tremaine Donnell
Mail Stop: T-5F53
Washington, DC 20555

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Document Name Posting Expiration Date Description
30 Day 60 Day 90 Day
NRC FORM 313, "Application For Materials License," and NRC Forms 313A (RSO), 313A (AMP), 313A (ANP), 313A (AUD), 313A (AUT), and 313A (AUS)   03/30/2015  

Final OMB Clearance Package (3150-0120)

10 CFR part 95, "Facility Security Clearance and Safeguarding of National Security Information and Restricted Data."   03/16/2015  

Final OMB Clearance Package (3150-0047)

Requests to non-Agreement States for Information 03/09/2015    

Draft OMB Clearance Package (3150-0200)

NRC Form 396 "Certification of Medical Examination by Facility Licensee" 02/25/2015    

Final OMB Clearance Package (3150-0024)

Reports Concerning Possible Non-Routine Emergency Generic Problems   02/24/2015  

Final OMB Clearance Package (3150-0012)

10 CFR Part 54, "Requirements for Renewal of Operating Licenses for Nuclear Power Plants"   02/16/2015  

Final OMB Clearance Package (3150-0155)

Voluntary Reporting of Planned New Reactor Applications   02/13/2015  

Final OMB Clearance Package (3150-XXXX)

Assessment of Cyber Security for Byproduct Materials Licensees 02/12/2015    

Final OMB Clearance Package (3150-XXXX)

10 CFR Part 62, Criteria and Procedures for Emergency Access to Non-Federal and Regional Low-Level Waste Disposal Facilities   01/30/2015  

Draft OMB Clearance Package (3150-0143)

10 CFR Part 20, Standards for Protection Against Radiation   01/30/2015  

Draft OMB Clearance Package (3150-0014)

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