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Dewey Burdock

State Map and Proposed Permit Boundary for Dewey Burdock Uranium Recovery Facility

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Who: Powertech Uranium Corporation
What: Application for a New In Situ Recovery (ISR) Site
When: August 10, 2009 (date of application submittal)
Where: Fall River & Custer Counties, South Dakota
Docket: 40-9075

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Contacts for the Dewey Burdock Application
Environmental Review Haimanot Yilma
Safety Review Ronald Burrows
Contact a Public Affairs Officer

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Public Meetings

Meeting with Powertech (USA), Inc.


Meeting with Powertech (USA), Inc.


Meeting with Powertech (USA) Inc. Re:   Dewey-Burdock Project


Notice of Teleconference Meeting with Powertech USA, Inc. to discuss NRC's Request for Additional Information Relating to Dewey-Burdock Application


Discussion of Dewey – Burdock Acceptance Review Issues such as: 1) Hydrogeology/Site Characterization; 2) Waste Disposal; 3) Well Field Locations and Layout; 4) Protection of Water Resources; and 5) Operations Information

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