United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Revising Source Material Regulations

The Commission is developing a more risk-informed and coherent set of requirements for licensing source material, including possible revisions to 10 CFR 40.13(a). In order to accomplish this, the Commission has requested that the staff complete three distinct tasks:

  1. Begin a Jurisdictional Working Group to bring together State and Federal regulatory agencies to explore the best approach to delineate the responsibilities of the NRC and the other agencies in the group with regard to low-level source material (as defined in 10 CFR Part 40) or materials containing less than 0.05% uranium and/or thorium;
  2. Begin a Rulemaking Working Group to develop a rulemaking plan to improve the control of distribution of source material to exempt persons and to general licensees; and
  3. Complete a rulemaking to incorporate the resolution of PRM-40-27 in order to make Part 40 more risk-informed, and initiate the development of a proposed rule to amend 40.51(b)(3) and (4) to require prior Commission approval for transfers to persons exempt under 40.13(a).
Page Last Reviewed/Updated Tuesday, February 10, 2015