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Louisiana Energy Services Review Schedule

Based on the Commission's January 30, 2004, order to complete the Louisiana Energy Services license application review within 30 months, NRC staff has developed the attached license review schedule.

(Last updated - 8/17/06)

C = complete

3/19/02 C (NMSS) LES begins pre-application discussions
12/15/03 C (NMSS) LES submits gas centrifuge facility application
12/15/03 C (NMSS) LES submits Environmental Report
1/22/04 C (NMSS) NRC completes acceptance review of application
2/4/04 C (NMSS) NRC issues notice of intent (NOI) for EIS scoping meetings
2/6/04 C (NMSS) NRC issues Notice of Opportunity for Public Hearing
3/4/04 C (NMSS) Conduct EIS scoping meetings
4/19/04 C (NMSS) Issue RAI for application (allow 30 days to respond)
4/23/04 C (NMSS) Issue EIS scoping summary report
4/30/04 C (NMSS) Complete technical review of Environmental Report/issue RAI
5/19/04 C (NMSS) LES responds to application RAI
5/20/04 C (NMSS) LES responds to Environmental Report RAI
9/2/04 C (NMSS) Issue draft EIS for public comment
10/14/04 C (NMSS) Conduct EIS public meetings
1/7/05 C (NMSS) EIS public comment period ends
6/15/05 C (NMSS) Issue final EIS
6/15/05 C (NMSS) Issue final SER
2/13/06 C (ASLB) Complete evidentiary hearings for contested hearing
3/6/06 C (ASLB) Complete evidentiary hearings for mandatory hearing
5/31/06 C (ASLB) ASLB issues initial decision on contested hearing
6/23/06 C (ASLB) ASLB issues decision on mandatory hearing
6/23/06 C (NMSS) Staff issues license
8/1/06 C (NMSS) LES begins construction of facility
9/30/09 (NMSS) LES completes construction of first cascade
11/15/09 (REG II) Complete inspection of first cascade construction
12/15/09 (NMSS) Issue FR notice on first cascade construction inspection results
12/30/09 (NMSS) LES begins facility operation of first cascade
12/31/15 (NMSS) LES begins full capacity operations at 5.7 million SWU
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