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GE Laser Enrichment Facility Licensing Review Schedule

Based on the Commission’s order, dated January 07, 2010, the NRC staff has developed the following schedule to complete the license application review for the GE Laser Enrichment Facility within 30 months. This schedule is also available as a dataset with an accompanying data dictionary (both in Microsoft Excel format).

(Last updated – 07/30/2012)

8/3/2007 Completed (NMSS)  begins pre-application discussions  
6/26/2009 Completed (NMSS) submits facility application  
1/30/2009 Completed (FSME)  submits Environmental Report  
3/12/2009 Completed (FSME) NRC completes acceptance review of Environmental Report  
8/6/2009 Completed (NMSS) NRC completes acceptance review of application  
4/9/2009 Completed (FSME) NRC issues notice of intent (NOI) for EIS scoping meetings  
1/7/2010 Completed (NMSS) NRC issues Notice of Opportunity for Public Hearing  
5/19/2009 Completed (FSME) Conduct EIS scoping meetings  
8/31/2009 Completed (FSME) End of public comment period for EIS scoping  
1/11/2010 Completed (NMSS) Issue RAI for application (allow 30 days to respond)  
11/25/2009 Completed (FSME) Issue EIS scoping summary report  
10/7/2009 Completed (FSME) Complete technical review of Environmental Report/issue RAI  
3/10/2010 Completed (NMSS)  responds to application RAI  
11/5/2009 Completed (FSME)  responds to Environmental Report RAI  
6/25/2010 Completed (FSME) Issue draft EIS for public comment  
7/22/2010 Completed (FSME) Conduct EIS public meetings  
8/9/2010 Completed (FSME) EIS public comment period ends  
2/28/2012 Completed (FSME) Issue final EIS  
2/28/2012 Completed (NMSS) Issue final SER  
7/12/2012 Completed (ASLB) Complete evidentiary hearings for mandatory hearing  
9/19/2012 Completed (ASLB) ASLB issues initial decision on mandatory hearing  
09/25/2012 Completed (NMSS) Staff issues license  
  Pending (NMSS) begins construction of facility  
  Pending (REG II) Complete inspection of facility construction  
  Pending (NMSS) Issue FR notice on construction inspection results  
  Pending (NMSS)  begins facility operation  
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