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Eglin Air Force Base

1.0 Site Identification

Location: Walton County, FL
License No.: 42-23539-01AF
Docket No.:030-28641
License Status: Active License
Project Manager: Robert Evans

2.0 Site Status Summary

The Air Force submitted a decommissioning plan (DP) to the NRC by Memorandum dated May 24, 2002 for a former depleted uranium munitions testing facility at Eglin Air Force Base. Supplemental information was provided to the NRC by Memorandums dated November 1, 2002, August 21, 2003, October 27, 2004, and January 13, 2005. The NRC is considering the issuance of an amendment to Materials License 42-23539-01AF which will approve the DP.

Test Area C-74L is located in Walton County, Florida, within the north-central portion of Eglin AFB. The test area currently consists of a 4-acre radiologically controlled area, fire control/ballistics building, gun corridor, target area, well house building, drum storage area, and surrounding land.

On April 14, 2005, the draft EA was submitted to State of Florida for review. In addition, the final status survey and confirmatory survey were completed during May 2005. The EA and FONSI were published in the Federal Register on July 11, 2005. The DP was approved by the NRC through Amendment 20 to the license dated January 20, 2006. The licensee is expected to submit the final status survey report to the NRC during 2006.

From 1974 to 1978, the area was used for pre-production testing of a gun system which used depleted uranium ammunition. An estimated 16,315 pounds of depleted uranium were expended at the site.

3.0 Major Technical or Regulatory Issues

The licensee commenced with reclamation activities at risk under the authority of an existing Air Force permit. The licensee chose to conduct decommissioning early because funding was available only for a certain time frame and because the work can only be conducted during seasonal breaks in munitions testing.

The licensee proposed a derived concentration guideline level (DCGL) of 600 pCi/g for uranium in soil. Based on detailed dose modeling NRC proposed, and the licensee accepted, a DCGL of 469 pCi/g.

The NRC program office has recently determined that this site does not require a consultation with EPA because the post-remediation survey results are well below the criteria required for a consultation.

4.0 Estimated Date For Closure

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