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Air Capitol Dial (State of Kansas)

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1.0 Site Identification

Type of Site: Unknown
Location: Wichita, KS
License No.: 25-R032-01
Docket No.:
License Status: Unknown

2.0 Site Status Summary

This site was added in anticipation of NARM Final Rule. The current site has Radium-226 contamination of the sewer lines and deep sink room, with scattered spots throughout the building due to past radium paint stripping operations of aircraft instruments/gauges. An assessment of soil and groundwater thus far indicate no impact, however, more extensive sampling may need to take place once the license termination process begins. The historical location of use associated with this license has extensive radium soil contamination resulting from past radium paint stripping operations of aircraft instruments/gauges (> 1 mR/h ground contact) . The site is currently undergoing a joint consent agreement process between the Licensee and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Bureau's of Air and Radiation and Environmental Remediation due to additional heavy metal and VOC contamination of the soil with potential groundwater impact. A Unified Focused Assessment Report has been prepared by KDHE BER for this past location of use and a summary is available online at http://kensas.kdhe.state.ks.us/pls/certop/Iop?id=C208772055.

3.0 Major Technical or Regulatory Issues

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