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The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) welcomes your comments regarding the Tribal Protocol Manual, as well as your suggestions regarding the related tribal consultation policy statement. The following questions are intended to assist the NRC in developing an effective tribal consultation policy statement:

  • How can the NRC strengthen government-to-government relationships with Native American tribes?
  • What practices have the NRC or other Federal agencies employed that have been effective in identifying tribal interests and resolving tribal concerns about proposed agency actions?
  • Are there specific Tribal Policy Statements in other Federal agencies that could serve as a starting point for the NRC’s efforts?
  • What unique tribal issues should the NRC be aware of as a non-landholding, regulatory agency that issues licenses under the Atomic Energy Act?

However, tribal governments and organizations, the public, and other interested parties submitting comments are not limited to responding to the questions set forth above and are encouraged to submit any comments or other feedback they think would benefit the NRC in developing a tribal consultation policy statement.

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