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Question 53: (a) When a package is properly labeled for

transport, shipping papers are still in effect, and a

transporter has accepted responsibility for control of the

package, do posting and labeling requirements remain in

effect while the package is on licensee property outside of

the radiologically controlled area?

(b) Does the shipment have to be posted in the protected


(c) Does the shipment have to be posted within the

owner-controlled area?

(d) Once the transporter has taken control of a package

and shipping papers are in effect, is the shipment exempt

from posting?

Answer: The answer to all four questions is that the

posting requirements remain in effect until the transporter

has actually taken possession of the package and is

starting to transport it. Following are additional

responses to three of the four specific questions:

a) 10 CFR 20.1905 (d) exempts this package from the

labeling requirements of 10 CFR 20.1904 (a).

(b) Whether or not the package is in a "protected area,"

as defined in 10 CFR 73.2, is not relevant to any

requirements in 10 CFR Part 20.

c) Whether or not the package is in an "owner-controlled

area" (or "controlled area" as defined in 10 CFR Part 20)

is not relevant to the posting requirements of 10 CFR

20.1902 (e).

References: 10 CFR 20.1902 (e), 10 CFR 20.1903, 10 CFR

20.1904 (a), 10 CFR 20.1905 (d))

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