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Question 430: Question 373 concerns the minimum

requirements for height and access restrictions of barriers

used to prevent entry to locked high radiation areas (HRAs)

and very high radiation areas (VHRAs) at nuclear power

plants. Does this question and answer also apply to

non-power reactors?

Answer: No. The answer to Question 373 and Regulatory

Guide 8.38 which is referred to in the answer were all

written to address conditions at nuclear power plants and

are not necessarily adaptable to all situations at

non-power reactors, materials, or fuel cycle facilities.

Furthermore, the answer to Question 373 states that, in

general, there are no prescriptive, specific minimum height

requirements for barriers used to prevent entry to locked

HRAs and VHRAs. (Reference: 10 CFR 20.1601, 10 CFR


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