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Question 217: How will licensees handle cases where

occupationally exposed workers inform the licensee that

they are concurrently being exposed (and/or monitored) at

another facility, but refuse to name the other facility?

(Note that if the worker is under contract, the other

facilities may be competitors of the licensee).

Answer: Without knowing the occupational dose received by

the worker at the other facility, the licensee cannot

demonstrate compliance with the occupational dose limits

for the worker if it permits the worker to receive

concurrently an occupational dose. The licensee cannot

allow the worker to receive any occupational exposure after

the licensee becomes aware the worker is also receiving an

occupational exposure at another facility which the worker

refuses to name. See 56 FR 23383, third column, and

Question 41 for additional information concerning

concurrent employment. (Reference: 10 CFR 20.1201, 10 CFR


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