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Question 111: Section 20.105 (a) of 10 CFR Part 20

provides for Commission authorization of radiation levels

in unrestricted areas based on a criterion of 500 millirems

in one year to an individual in such areas. Does such an

authorization for radiation levels in an unrestricted area


excess of 100 millirems in a year continue under 10 CFR

20.1301 (c)? In other words is this considered an

"exemption" as covered in 10 CFR 20.1008 (d)?

Answer: No and No. The nature of the information

requested under 20.1301 (c) is different from that

requested under 20.105 (a) in that 20.1301 (c) requires a

demonstration of need for the proposed dose limit and

procedures for maintaining doses ALARA. It may be

appropriate for an applicant to refer to information

submitted under 20.105 (a) as part of an application

submitted under 10.1301 (c). (References: 10 CFR 20.1301

(c), 10 CFR 20.1008 (d), and 20.105 (a))

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