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Question 100: (a) Is any special TLD monitoring of eye

dose equivalent required? (b) Do TLDs for eye dose

measurement need to be physically located near the eye?

Answer: (a) Individual monitoring of the dose equivalent

to the lens of the eye is required if the eye dose is

likely to exceed, in a year, 1.5 rem (10% of 15 rem) for an

adult or 0.15 rem (10% of 1.5 rem) for a minor. Licensees

may use any form of monitoring that is capable of measuring

these doses.

(b) The answer to this question depends on the conditions

of exposure. In most cases a licensee will not have to

physically place a TLD near the eye. However, there may be

unusual exposure situations (such as exposure of the eye to

a narrow beam of radiation) that would make it necessary to

place a dosimeter near the eye. [Note: See Questions 45

and 46.] (References: 10 CFR 20.1003, 10 CFR 20.1201, 10

CFR 20.1502).

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