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Policy and Guidance Directive FC 84-18, "Transportation of Irradiator Units Not Meeting Current Requirements of 10 CFR Part 71"

HPPOS-263 PDR-9306070226

Title: Policy and Guidance Directive FC 84-18,

"Transportation of Irradiator Units Not Meeting Current

Requirements of 10 CFR Part 71"

See the memorandum from R. E. Cunningham to Regional

Administrators (and Branch Chiefs of the Division of Fuel

Cycle and Material Safety) dated November 6, 1984. Prior

to the adoption of the requirements of 10 CFR 71 in 1966,

irradiators could be transported without being evaluated

under the accident damage test requirements that are now

incorporated in 10 CFR 71. Many of these irradiators are in

use and from time to time need to be transported to a new


In those cases where the irradiator cannot be practically

transported in packaging which meet requirements of 10 CFR

71, the licensee may request a one-time shipment in

accordance with 10 CFR 71.7 and 71.41 (c). The shipment

can only be authorized by Headquarters. In applying for a

one-time shipment, the licensee must provide adequate

controls such that the shipment will not endanger life or


Information that is typical of what the licensee has been

requested to submit to Division of Fuel Cycle and Material

Safety, NMSS, to support one-time shipments includes:

1. The circumstances as to why an existing package

cannot be used, 2. Engineering drawings of the

irradiator, and 3. Information to confirm:

a. Transport during time of low road

usage, b. The use of good roads which avoid

residential areas to the maximum extent possible,

c. Accompaniment of the shipment by escort

knowledgeable in the use of radiation survey instrument,

d. Provision an escort with appropriate survey

instrument and supplies to permit the establishment of a

radiation exclusion area, e. Written procedures to be

followed by the escort in an emergency situation,

f. Use of exclusive use vehicle and shoring to limit

movement of package during transport, and

g. Notification of state health officials and local

fire department of time and route of shipment.

Prior to applying to the NRC for its approval, the licensee

should contact the State Health Officer of each state

through which the shipment will be made to confirm points

of contact and to discuss the proposed controls for the

shipment. In several recent cases, short distance shipment

of irradiators have been successfully made with the

cooperation of state officials.

All requests for shipments of irradiators containing the

information should be referred to the Material Licensing

Branch who will coordinate the approval authorizing the

shipment with the Transportation Certification Branch. All

new Irradiators are expected to meet the requirements of 10

CFR 71.

Regulatory references: 10 CFR 71.7, 10 CFR 71.45

Subject codes: 12.17

Applicability: Byproduct Material

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