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Mr. Roy P. Zimmerman

Roy P. Zimmerman

Roy Zimmerman is currently serving as Acting Deputy Executive Director for Materials, Waste, Research, State, Tribal, and Compliance Programs (DEDMRT).

Mr. Roy Zimmerman joined the NRC in 1978 as a Reactor Inspector in Region I.  He served as the Resident Inspector at Millstone and Senior Resident Inspector at Ginna and Palo Verde in the 1980’s.  Mr. Zimmerman served 5 years in management positions in Region V before transferring to Headquarters in 1992.  He has held a variety of managerial positions in Headquarters including Deputy Office Director, NRR; Deputy Office Director Regulatory Research; Office Director, Nuclear Security and Incident Response.  In November 2009, Mr. Zimmerman became the Director of the Office of Enforcement (OE), which remains his permanent position. 

Mr. Zimmerman has received various recognitions during his NRC career, including the Meritorious Service Award, the Meritorious Service Rank Award, and the Distinguished Service Rank Award.  Prior to joining the NRC he was an instructor for General Electric at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory.  Mr. Zimmerman graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy. 

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