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Commissioner Ostendorff's Meetings and Events

Commissioner Ostendorff publishes a monthly list of meetings and events with external stakeholders such as utility representatives and non-governmental organizations. The list below does not include meetings with the NRC staff, U.S. or foreign government officials, or public Commission meetings noticed elsewhere on the NRC website.  Commissioner Ostendorff maintains an open door policy; if you would like to schedule a meeting with Commissioner Ostendorff, please contact Linda Herr.



January 2015

Date Event Location
01/12/2015 Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) / FirstEnergy Rockville, MD

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December 2014

Date Event Location
12/16/2014 Meeting w/Greenpeace Rockville, MD
12/15/2014 Speaker at American Nuclear Society (ANS) Chapter Dinner Meeting Rockville, MD
12/09/2014 Speaker at Duke Operations Leadership Team Meeting Huntersville, NC
12/09/2014 Meeting with Duke Energy Huntersville, NC
12/08/2014 Speaker at Winston and Strawn and American Nuclear Society Charlotte, NC
12/08/2014 Speaker at NC University – Slides Charlotte, NC
12/02/2014 Meeting w/Organization of Agreement States (OAS)/Conference of Radiation Control Programs Directors (CRCPD) Rockville, MD

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November 2014

Date Event Location
11/21/2014 Meeting w/Health Physics Society (HPS) Rockville, MD
11/20/2014 Meeting w/Entergy Rockville, MD
11/10/2014 Speaker at American Nuclear Society (ANS) Winter Meeting Plenary – Slides Anaheim, CA
11/03/2014 Meeting w/Westinghouse Rockville, MD
11/03/2014 Meeting w/NextEra Energy Rockville, MD

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October 2014

Date Event Location
10/17/2014 Meeting w/Building and Construction Trades Dept, AFL-CIO Rockville, MD
10/15/2014 Meeting w/Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Rockville, MD
10/09/2014 Speaker at Pillsbury/IEF Roundtable – Slides Washington, DC
10/02/2014 Meeting w/Exelon Rockville, MD
10/01/2014 Speaker at Goizueta Directors Institute – Slides Atlanta, GA

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September 2014

Date Event Location
09/30/2014 Speaker at Southern States Energy Board Conference (SSEB) - Slides Mobile, AL
09/25/2014 Speaker at University of Maryland College Park, MD
09/23/2014 Speaker at US Naval Academy - Slides Annapolis, MD
09/23/2014 Speaker at National Association of Employee Concerns Professionals Conference (NAECP) - Slides Annapolis, MD
09/19/2014 Speaker at Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers Conference - Slides Allentown, PA
09/19/2014 Speaker at Atomic Energy Law Course (PSPE) - Slides Rockville, MD
09/17/2014 Speaker at Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) Washington, DC
09/17/2014 Meeting w/NuScale Rockville, MD
09/12/2014 Speaker at The Hoover Institute - Slides San Francisco, CA
09/09/2014 Meeting w/GE-Hitachi Global Laser Enrichment (GLE) Rockville, MD
09/08/2014 Meeting w/D.C. Cook Rockville, MD
09/04/2014 Meeting w/Dr. Dale Klein Rockville, MD

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August 2014

Date Event Location
08/28/2014 Speaker at Canadian Nuclear Conference - Slides Vancouver, BC
08/19/2014 Speaker at Nuclear Executive Leadership Training (NELT) - Slides Rockville, MD
08/14/2014 Meeting w/Dr. Kevin Greenaugh Rockville, MD

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June 2014

Date Event Location
06/27/2014 Meeting with Ameren Rockville, MD
06/24/2014 Visit to Limerick Nuclear Plant Limerick, PA
06/23/2014 Speaker at Twelfth Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) / American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Symposium on Valves, Pumps, and Inservice Testing for Operating and New Reactors   - Slides North Bethesda, MD
06/18/2014 Meeting with Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) Rockville, MD
06/11/2014 Visit to St. Lucie Nuclear Plant Stuart, FL
06/10/2014 Speaker at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) at the International Low-Level Waste Conference - Slides Orlando, FL
06/06/2014 Visit to Vogtle Nuclear Plant Augusta, GA
06/05/2014 Visit to Summer Nuclear Plant Columbia, SC
06/02/2014 Meeting with Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) Rockville, MD

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May 2014

Date Event Location
05/19/2014 Speaker at the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc., (CRCPD) 46th National Conference on Radiation Control - Slides Atlanta, GA
05/06/2014 Meeting with Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Rockville, MD
05/02/2014 Meeting with Health Physics Society (HPS) Rockville, MD

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April 2014

Date Event Location
04/30/14 Meeting with NuScale Power, LLC Rockville, MD
04/29/14 Participation in Meeting at Council on Veterans Employment Washington, DC
04/24/14 Meeting with San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Rockville, MD
04/15/14 Speaker at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) 2014 Modular Reactors Symposium - Slides Washington, DC
04/14/14 Meeting with Energy Northwest Rockville, MD
04/10/14 Meeting with Organization of Agreement States and Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors Rockville, MD
Meeting with Decommissioning Plant Coalition Rockville, MD

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March 2014

Date Event Location
03/20/14 Meeting with Luminant Rockville, MD
03/14/14 Visit to Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant New Hill, NC
03/12/14 Meeting with Japanese International Research Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning (IRID) Rockville, MD
03/11/14 Meeting with World Association for Nuclear Operators (WANO) Rockville, MD
Meeting with GE Hitachi Rockville, MD
03/10/14 Meeting with Exelon Rockville, MD
03/05/14 Speaker at Nuclear Energy Institute's Nuclear Strategic Issues Advisory Group Dinner Washington, DC
03/04/14 Meeting with Halden Reactor Project Rockville, MD
Meeting with Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Rockville, MD

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February 2014

Date Event Location
02/27/14 Visit to Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant Lusby, MD
02/26/14 Meeting with FirstEnergy Rockville, MD
Meeting with Waste Control Specialists Rockville, MD
02/06/14 Speaker at University of Texas at Austin and Tour of University of Texas Research Reactor Austin, TX
02/05/14 Visit to Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant Glen Rose, TX
02/03/14 Meeting with Nuclear Innovation North America, LLC and NRG Energy Rockville, MD

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January 2014

Date Meetings/Events Location
01/29/14 Meeting with Alabama State University Rockville, MD
01/21/14 Speaker at the Army/Navy Club Washington, DC
Speaker at the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Washington, DC
01/17/14 Meeting with Professional Reactor Operator Society (PROS) Rockville, MD
01/16/14 Visit to Nuclear Fuel Services Erwin, TN
Meet w/Erwin Citizens Awareness Network (ECAN) Erwin, TN
01/15/14 Visit to Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Rhea County, TN
01/14/14 Visit to Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Soddy-Daisy, TN
Meeting with Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League Soddy-Daisy, TN
01/08/14 Meeting with Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) Rockville, MD

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