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Commissioner Svinicki's Meetings and Events

Effective February 2014, Commissioner Svinicki publishes a monthly list of meetings with external stakeholders such as licensee representatives and non-government organizations. The list below does not include meetings with the NRC staff, U.S. or foreign government officials or public Commission meetings noticed elsewhere on the NRC website.



August 2014

Date Meeting Location
08/26/2014 Meeting with AREVA Rockville, MD
08/20/2014 Speak at Intermountain Energy Summit Idaho Falls, ID
08/11/2014 Speak at American Nuclear Society Utility Working Conference Amelia Island, FL

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July 2014

Date Meeting Location
07/29/2014 Meeting with Louisiana Energy Services Rockville, MD
07/10/2014 Visit to Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant Bulgaria
07/08/2014 Speak at ICONE-22 Conference Prague, Czech Republic
07/07/2014 Visit to Dukovany Nuclear Power Station Czech Republic

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June 2014

Date Meeting Location
06/27/2014 Meeting with Ameren Missouri Rockville, MD
06/25/2014 Visit to Perry Nuclear Power Plant North Perry, OH
06/24/2014 Speak at Professional Reactor Operator Society Summer Meeting Huron, OH
06/18/2014 Meeting with Nuclear Energy Institute Rockville, MD
06/12/2014 Speak at NRC Workshop on Vendor Oversight Portland, OR
06/11/2014 Visit to NuScale Power Corvallis, OR
06/11/2014 Visit to Oregon Iron Works Vancouver, WA
06/02/2014 Meeting with Omaha Public Power District Rockville, MD

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May 2014

Date Meeting Location
05/06/2014 Meeting with Tennessee Valley Authority Rockville, MD
05/05/2014 Visit to Duane Arnold Energy Center Palo, IA
05/02/2014 Speak at INPO Senior Plant Managers Course Rockville, MD
05/02/2014 Meeting with Health Physics Society Rockville, MD
05/02/2014 Meeting with Nuclear Energy Institute Rockville, MD
05/01/2014 Meeting with NuScale Rockville, MD

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April 2014

Date Meeting Location
04/29/2014 Meeting with RSCC Rockville, MD
04/24/2014 Meeting with SCE Rockville, MD
04/22/2014 Visit to Shanghai Electric China
04/22/2014 Meeting with Westinghouse Shanghai, China
04/22/2014 Speak at Tongji University Shanghai, China
04/21/2014 Visit to Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant Site China
04/18/2014 Visit to Tsinghua University China
04/18/2014 Visit to China Experimental Fast Reactor China
04/17/2014 Speak at American Nuclear Industry Technology and Safety Workshop Beijing, China
04/15/2014 Speak at Japan Atomic Industrial Forum Tokyo, Japan
04/10/2014 Meeting with OAS/CRCPD Rockville, MD
04/10/2014 Meeting with Decommissioning Plant Coalition Rockville, MD
04/07/2014 Meeting with Southern Nuclear Company Rockville, MD
04/02/2014 Visit to Vogtle Units 3 and 4 Waynesboro, GA
04/01/2014 Visit to V. C. Summer Units 2 and 3 Columbia, SC

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March 2014

Date Meeting Location
03/25/2014 Meeting with Louisiana Energy Services Rockville, MD
03/13/2014 Meeting with the World Association of Nuclear Operators Rockville, MD

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February 2014

Date Meeting Location
02/25/2014 Speaker at Long Term Operation/Subsequent License Renewal Forum Washington, DC
02/24/2014 Meeting with First Energy Rockville, MD
02/24/2014 Meeting with Waste Control Specialists Rockville, MD
02/18/2014 Meeting with American Electric Power Company Rockville, MD
02/18/2014 Meeting with Exelon Rockville, MD
02/05/2014 Meeting with NuScale Rockville, MD
02/03/2014 Meeting with Nuclear Innovation North America Rockville, MD

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